Canary Android App will not play Videos after upgrading the Android Nougat


I currently have issues playing videos through Canary App on Android. I am not sure if the issue was caused by the latest App update or by the Android Nougat update I just recently applied to my Samsung Edge 7 Phone. The only way I can resolve the problem temporarily is by logging in and logging out (sometimes this doesn’t work) or by Clearing the app cache and restarting the phone. After I do this it fixes the issue for several hours up to a day and then the issue occurs again. I would appreciate any assistance that can be provided regarding this issue. I already have a ticket open with support but no progress or updates have been provided regarding this issue.


Hi @kfeliciano,

Thank you for your report. We haven’t had any similar issues reported from Android Nougat users or anyone with your phone, so I’m not 100% sure what could be causing the issue in this case. It looks like you’ve been discussing the problem with one of our customer support Specialists via email… Please continue working with him and he’ll do his best to help.



Exactly the same problem for me. I’m using a ZTE Axon 7 device with android 7.1.1…