Canary app does not retain edits to my masks


I have masks set up for my two AIOS. Recently, I had to move the positions of both my AIOs. Obviously, this required me to edit my masks. Unfortunately, the Canary app will not save/retain the edits I make to my masks. Every time I click save, the masks just revert back to their old positions. I’ve even tried deleting every mask, and once I click save, the old masks pop right back up.

So, I cannot edit or remove any of my old masks. Is this a glitch introduced in the latest app update or AIO firmware update?


Hey Robb,

Our engineers are investigating an issue on our end that is causing an issue with editing setting within the app. We have some additional information on our Status Page, and will make sure to post any updates we have there.



Thanks, Sean. I saw the status update after I posted my topic. I will await a resolution to the current issue before editing my masks again. In the meantime, I will just put my phone on silent mode. Holy cr@p those notifications are becoming incessant!