Canary app doesn't recognize my phone being home


I have been having unreliable results lately with Canary AIO. The app on my Samsung S7 doesn’t seem to recognize when I come home and to go to private setting.

I have done the suggestion found here in the forum. That is to go to settings and open address and tap the green location icon and save. It worked once, but now won’t.

I have noticed in the last few weeks that it seemed to take longer and longer for it to recognize that I was home. In fact it seemed not to recognize my phone unless I unlocked it. Then it would kick in. But today I have been home for a few hours and it still is not saying I’m home.




Hey @BobD,

Do you use any other Android or iOS devices with your Canary, or just your S7?


Only the S7 is being used this weekend. My wife uses an iPhone 5S, but is away this weekend.


There are several settings on Android that can prevent Canary from being able to access your location services when running in the background. I’d recommend going through this Help Center article and double checking each setting to be sure you’re setup correctly:

How can I troubleshoot location settings? (Android)

If the troubleshooting suggested in this article doesn’t help, please open a ticket with our support team so they can investigate further.