Canary app no longer displays Home Health info


I have been having this problem for weeks but am only just now getting around to reporting it. Sorry for the delay. The Canary app on my iPhone no longer displays the home health information. It just sits there and continuously flashes the “Loading HomeHealth” message. If I tap the “HomeHealth” message on the app, it opens the usually HomeHealth reports, but everything is blank. I have not bee able to review my HomeHealth information for weeks.

The new online browser view version of Canary shows the current HomeHealth information. So, I know the sensors are actually working. Unfortunately, the browser version does not have any way to view HomeHealth history. It only shows the current readings.

I need to be able to review the HomeHealth history. For example, right now, the browser feed is showing that my air quality is “Very Abnormal”. However, I have no way to see what time my air quality jumped up to “Very Abnormal.” I’d like to review the history to see if it corresponds to when I open/close the windows in my house, or when I am cooking dinner, or if there is something else going on that is causing air quality issues in my home.


Hey @RobbW,

Thanks for the report. This sound like it might be an issue with the app and not the device as you said, however the first two steps there I’d suggest are to unplug and restart your Canary AIO, and re-install the app. Have you given that a try?

If that doesn’t do it, I’d suggest submitting a ticket directly to Canary.


Thanks, @Zev! Deleting the app and reinstalling cleared up the issue with the HomeHealth issue no longer being displayed.


Same. About two months. Was just low on list.



Have you also tried deleting and re-installing your app? That seemed to clear it up for @RobbW.


It did. Forgot password, reset, download. Hopefully don’t have to again. :slight_smile:


Great, glad to hear!