Canary app not responsive


Last few days app has been sluggish. I arrive home and geofence set for autoswitching to home/private is not working. I manually set it to home and I see the canary all in one light (bottom ligjt) turn off. App still shows me away and all cameras active with watch live enabled. I turned all three cameras off (reset) and back on. Typing this and app still shows me away and watch live enabled. The cameras are not recording though which is fine. App is not responsive. Closing and relaunching does nothing.


Hello @mc183,

Sorry you’re having trouble with your app and devices.

A couple of things to try:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device(s)
  2. Unpair and re-pair the Canary Device(s) with your app.
  3. Check that your app’s settings for “away” and “home” are set up correctly, and that your location its set up correctly.

I have included links for how to do all of this below. Additionally, what device(s) are you trying to connect with? Do you use more than one device? Sometimes if multiple devices are set up together geofencing may encounter issues.


I am having the same issues as earlier in the week. Apparently there was a issue reported and Canary team worked on the issue. I opened up a ticket. This is becoming frustrating.


I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble. Opening a ticket sounds like the best choice. Additionally, have you updated your Canary App to the newest version? If not, you may want to give that a try as well.


Thank you for the response. Apparently there was a issue and was resolved this morning. This leads me to a bigger question, why wasn’t a ticket already open? Is there a monitoring system on canarys side that detects issues for all customers at any time where tickets are opened proactively? I’m referring to issues that warrant a official ticket to be opened and listed on Canary status page. The ticket wasn’t open until I opened up a ticket. Surely I wasn’t the only person with this issue.

As of this morning my issues have been 1/2 resolved. My system still isn’t back to normal. I already responded to ticket and hope to hear back from the team soon. I lost video from yesterday 12pm cst onward. If my house was broken into during the time period the system was down I would be SOL. I’ll report back here with an update to my situation so others can follow and also chime in if they are having similar issues.

I should add that I recently updated my iPhone 7plus to iOS 11. Two days later I start to have issues. I’m not sold on the idea yet that my issues are related to iOS 11.