Canary & Apple HomeKit


I am interested in using my Canary (purchased around 2 years back) with Apple Home. In another FAQ it says that first generation Canary’s don’t work with Apple Home. Given that my Canary is 2 years old, I am assuming it is the first generation.

My question is how do I know? Is there something that I can look at (like firmware version) that will tell me if it is a true gen 1?

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@Jeremy there’s a lot of us that would love HomeKit integration, unfortunately as of right now it doesn’t look like it will be happening with current products.

We know the Canary All In One is not HomeKit Compatible, when I reached out to support about HomeKit enabling for the Flex, I was told

Thank you for contacting Canary support.
The Flex is not HomeKit compatible.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

I am not entirely sure of this, but from what I have seen from many other products, HomeKit sort of needs to be built into the products, if it isn’t it doesn’t seem to normally become active one day.


Thanks @Zev. I was under the impression that there was support, so this is interesting. Thanks for sharing this!


Perhaps you were confused by their use of the term HomeHealth, which is Canary’s name for air, temperature and humidity recorded through the All In One.

I also was able to locate the actual note from Canary on their help site that confirms what I said.

Will HomeKit work with my current Canary?
While Canary Plus will support HomeKit, first generation Canary devices will not. Don’t worry, current Canary devices will work seamlessly with Canary Plus, but will not be customizable with HomeKit.

How will HomeKit integration work?
We’ll announce more details as we approach the launch of Canary Plus, but you can sign up here to receive updates as information becomes available.



Thanks @Zev. I missed the “Plus” part. I am assuming Canary plus is something new that isn’t out yet, so I will stay tuned.


Interesting. Maybe Canary Plus was the original name for the Flex?


@Jeremy @todd.lagerberg Canary Plus is a different model of Canary altogether coming in the future. Keep an eye out for updates about this!


Interesting. Would current Beta Testers be considered to Beta test the Plus?


Yes, we’d certainly be looking at our pool of current testers as well as Canary Insiders for any future beta opportunities.


I just bought a 2-pack of Canary AIOs yesterday. Amazon just informed me that my Canary package has been delivered. I come to this forum only to read that there is a new, improved, better version of Canary coming out in the near future?! Any input on how soon this Canary Plus will be available? Is it a whole new hardware solution? Or is it just a software/firmware upgrade? Or is it a new version of the membership?

I guess my main question is did I just waste my money on an old version of Canary and could have gotten the new/better Canary if I had just held off a bit?


Hi @RobbW,

We don’t currently have an estimated release time frame for Canary Plus. This will be a completely new piece of hardware, which will be capable of integrating with Apple’s HomeKit.

It is totally up to you whether you’d like to wait to buy Canary Plus, but you can trust that your Canary All-in-One units will be completely compatible with Canary Plus if you decide you want to add one to your home when it is available.


Okay, thanks. I was mostly concerned that Canary Plus was something that would be released in the VERY near future (i.e. days or a couple weeks). And that I just spent a lot of money on outdated tech. However, reading through some other threads and sites, it sounds like it may still be quite a ways off since no one at Canary is even mentioning an estimated release date at this point.

I got my new AIOs setup last night and am pretty happy with them so far.



Last week Apple annonced HomeKit integration can be a software implementation now! Will you update actual Canary firmware to be compatible with HomeKit? I dont want to buy another model only to be compatible with my home automation system…


I really really hope that Canary is working on getting all versions of its devices (from the crowdfunding days forward) updated to work with ios 11’s new software based homekit implementation. I love my Canary unit but with my heavy investment into Homekit to date i sure don’t want to replace it with another brand if I dont have to!


Hello, I have seen the announcement from a year ago of Canary’s plans to release an Apple HomeKit compatible product called Canary Plus. It seemed to indicate that this product would have been out by last Autumn. But, I haven’t seen much since. Is Canary still planning to release a product that will integrate into the HomeKit ecosystem? If so, when will this product be available?


Hello everyone, and thank you for all of your feedback about Apple HomeKit!

While I don’t have a timeframe to share, I do want to confirm that the Canary Plus is still in development and we continue to focus on integrations for it as well as other Canary devices. Please continue sharing any feedback you have about how you’d use a HomeKit capable Canary or what specific features you’d like to see, as we’d love to get some insight about how you’ll be using these integrations.


Well, I would like HomeKit so that I can use voice controls - “front camera on”, “front camera off”, “all cameras off”, “record back”, etc. I’d love to be able to use these from my Apple Watch.


For me, it’s all about the integration and unified app experience.

I’d like to Homekit features to allow the following possibilities:

  • geo-fencing my location to automatically turn the camera on and off when I’m away/home respectively.
  • triggering scenes when motion is detected - e.g if motion is detected outside, turn on the outside (homekit) light. Or play a sound through a homekit enabled speaker to indicate movement detected downstairs.
  • specify time periods to trigger different events.
  • add it to my “morning” and “nighttime” scenes to automatically disable/enable the camera when I enabled or disable these modes.

Part of me choosing Homekit is so I don’t have to open up 4 different apps to do/check for different smart devices. Simply put, a Homekit ecosystem allows for a superior experience when checking the status of my smart devices: They’re in one location, and it’s built into my iPhone.


I would like more radio’s like Zwave and Zigbee. Right now I have the LG Smart Security, and I have trouble recommending the Canary now because it doesn’t do anything else or act as a hub for the Internet of Things. I am hoping that not only having HomeKit integration it will also be a hub. If it does I might very well switch because I love my LG but there are simple issues that the Canary doesn’t have (like multiple users).

Keep up the great work, though. The Canary is a great camera system and I think the Flex is the best out door camera out there.


Could someone at Canary actually commit to a timeline? I really feel, after the original announcement over a year ago that we are being fooled…