Canary doesn't know that people have left

We recently got a replacement Flex. Shortly thereafter, the app no longer recognizes that no one is home and thus never switches to away mode.

We had this problem when we first got our Canarys when my wife got an iphone 11. So far we have:
uninstalled/installed the app
changed passwords multiple times
confirmed location settings in all the family phones
Been told we had too many “tokens”
removed the app from all devices other than phones.

Not sure where else to go other than trade them in and get new Ring cameras. Anyone have any idea how to resolve this mess? Technical support is clueless.

Hey @tcimler63,

Would you mind detailing exactly how your settings are set up on both devices? It sounds possible that your devices are essentially getting confused about who is home when and who is out.


Our issue is exactly the same. Canary is confused as to who is coming or going. Separate logins and all setting are correct. Started several weeks ago.

Yea, I feel like I’m kinda in the same boat! I’m starting to believe that this company is becoming very shady! I was just told via email that if you sign up with Canary that you are locked into a 24 month contract? It says everywhere cancel anytime? Unreal! I think I will contact the BBB