Canary fails to reconnect? why


The camera went off line about 2 weeks ago, I tried to reconnect the camera via connection to my router using the cable method and connected the yellow communication cable. I was unable to restore the camera so I deactivated the camera and tried to reinstall the camera again. I kept getting the message to activate BLUETOOTH – My Bluetooth is already activated and I cannot get pass this display message. I did disconnect the firewall on my router but this did not help, I have checked the TCP 443 port and UDP 123 port are not blocked. What should I do now?


Hi @psc,

When reconnecting a Canary to your network, you’ll need to briefly pair it with your phone using Bluetooth by touching the top of the device. What’s happening when you try to do this? Are you getting an error message? Does the device flash blue?


Good morning Angie

I’ve tried to pair the device by Bluetooth
I’ve followed the installation instructions when trying to reconnect the camera

When I get to the stage of plugging in the black power cable into the camera the message displayed says ‘Connect to Bluetooth’
My phone is already open to Bluetooth and searching for Bluetooth devices – the camera can not be seen by Bluetooth connection and every time I try to reconnect the camera the Bluetooth message appears – I can not get pass this stage

The camera has a clear white light and does not flash blue when I touch the top

I have another Canary Camera using Wi-Fi and is working perfectly, no problems

I have tried the camera on my son’s router at a different address and the same error message appears – connect to Bluetooth

2 different routers and the same error message appears and unable to get the flashing blue light

I have even set my router without the firewall and checked that there are no blocked ports (TCP 443 and UDP 123)

What can I try next? – Bluetooth can not find the device



Hi @pcs,

It sounds like this is an issue you’ll need to work more closely with our support team to resolve. I see you’ve already submitted a ticket, so please hang tight and one of our support agents will be in touch soon. Feel free to link this Community post in your response to them so you don’t have to explain the full issue again. Thank you for your patience!


Did you get a resolution to this? I’ve been dealing with the exact same issue for months now and the headache of “Opening at ticket” has been useless.


Hi Abby. I bought 2 of these cameras 10 month ago. The same problem happened in December 2016 and could not get the cameras back online so I returned them to John Lewis who exchanged them for new replacement cameras. The same problem happened again 3 weeks ago and could not get the cameras back online even with the help from Canary after submitting a ticket (still waiting now). Because of the lack of support from Canary I returned both cameras back to John Lewis for a full refund. I’m just pleased to get rid of them - never again will I buy Canary products - hope this help


I’m very sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having with your Canary! It looks like Ann, one of our support agents, responded to your ticket with additional troubleshooting steps. Can you please give those steps a try and let her know what the results are? She’ll make sure to get you taken care of!


What was the resolution to this? I have an all in one with a similar issue and have not gotten any responses from support??


Hey @cgronewold, have you received a response on your support ticket yet? If not, can you send in a second ticket and reference this topic in that ticket? Thanks!


I am having the exact same issue - device (View) went offline, would not reconnect, deactivated, and attempted to set up again. Same symptoms - sold white light and does not switch to pairing mode when touching the top of the device.