Canary Flex always in Battery Mode


I have a new Canary Flex. It’s currently plugged in, but every time I go to view the feed, there’s a message about waking Canary up from battery mode.

Why is that, and how can I make it just run like a regular Canary from power?


I have seen this message myself, I believe it is simply just trying to connect to the device, the unit when plugged in is on AC power and not using the battery.

I am inviting @Angie into this conversation who should be able to confirm this, but I believe the message is in error and could be fixed or improved to be clearer in the future.

(To confirm: approximately 60% of the time for me that I click “Watch Live” on an AC Powered Canary device it brings up a loading screen that says something along the lines of “Canary is waking up from battery mode…” It then disappears and loads the Watch Live correctly, but does take a few seconds (5-10 for me) to get past this screen).


Hi @kayzee and @zev,

Thanks for your report. This sounds unusual, we’ll definitely take a look into it.


I’m having this same issue. Along with that message, I occasionally receive “Canary Flex disconnected from battery” notifications, although my Flex is always plugged in.


I also recently just installed a Canary Flex outside our front door, and I am also receiving the “waking up from battery mode” message despite being plugged in 100% of the time. I didn’t seem to get this message before, but now I get it every time. Anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on? Thanks.


Hey @conroy,

Can you confirm which version of the app and firmware your flex is running?


My flex is running 2.3.0 and the app is 2.12.0 (I think).


Would you mind Submitting A Ticket to Canary in regards to this so that they can look at your specific device? This was an issue that I used to have but was resolved in the newer releases. It may be helpful in resolving the issue to look at the specific device.


I’m currently experiencing the same issues after the newest update. Any fix for this problem?
Flex - 3.1.0 App - 2.14.0


We’re not aware of any current issues that would be causing this. Can you please submit a ticket by emailing detailing your issue? Our support team will be able to assist in figuring out what the root cause may be.


Will do thanks Sean!


If the Flex is being subjected to temperatures below 32 degrees, you may want to review the thread entitled “Flex In Battery Mode While Connected To AC Power” that Initiated in January. It addresses how the Flex units are designed to avoid battery problems when the ambient temperature drops below 32 degrees.