Canary Flex battery doesn't charge / charges slowly


Hi I’ve charged my canary flex over night however the display on my app looks like the battery has not fully charged up
I have 2 questions.

  1. I have only just had my flex and I’ve put it straight on charge, how long should this take ? there any way I can change the the display on the app so it shows the battery percentage not just the battery image ?

Thank you for your help


Hi @johnsond28,

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Typically the Canary Flex will take a few hours to charge, but this can vary. Recording, especially in night vision, uses a lot of power so the Flex will charge very slowly if it is actively recording in a dark environment while you’re trying to charge it. For the fastest charge, I’d recommend switching your Canary Flex into private so it stops recording and all resources are put directly towards charging the battery.

I’d also check out this Help Center article for more troubleshooting steps for a slowly charging battery:

Why does it take so long to charge the battery on my Flex?

As for your second question, there isn’t an option to display a percentage for the battery at this time.

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions!


I am not sure if this is the same issue, but my Flex seems to be having similar issue re-charging. I have read through the various support articles and confirmed that it is in “Private” mode as well as that the cable and power are connected. However, the Flex seems to go on “PWR” mode for a few minutes before going off-line at which time it does not seem to be charging. I believe this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I am charging the Flex. Has anyone any recommendations /suggestions?



Both of my Canary Flex cameras have been charging now for almost 48 hours and the battery gauge has not moved. One camera is a little over a year old the second was just purchased within the past 3 months. HELP!


Hi @paulmnly,

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I’d recommend checking this Help Center article for troubleshooting suggestions:

Why does it take so long to charge the battery on my Flex?

If that doesn’t help, please open a ticket with our support team and they’d be happy to help!

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Hi folks,

I having similar problems with my flex also. I think I’ve tried everything in this forum and it still won’t charge. I’ve contacted support and tried everything they have suggested too, same result. Their latest recommendation is to set it to private mode, which I’ve done many times, but no change. I haven’t heard from support anymore…

I’ve had the flex plugged in since I got it three weeks ago and it simply will not take a charge. I even shut it off completely for 24hrs and tried to charge it that way… When I did that, the battery level actually went from 50% to 25%.

I’m stumped, been using battery powered devices for decades and this one defies logic… while plugged in, it actually loses battery power.

Help! Thanks


I am also having issues charging both my flex cameras. I have had these since January, and I have tired charging them while powered down, and in private mode and it either takes a 48 hour period to charge or I cannot get a full charge at all. Yesterday morning at 7am, I took both cameras down to charge. I placed them in private mode. This morning, a full 24 hours later, I have a full charge on one camera, the second is only at around 80%. Why the inconsistencies? Although I’m happy with the system as a whole, these camera’s batteries are terrible and are the weakest point in the system.

Option to put Flex into private mode when charging

Having the same issue with my Canary Flex. Nothing seems to work. Tried contacting support who recommended I change chargers. Did that, worked once and doesn’t work anymore. Help!


Your best bet is going to continue to talk to support directly. It’s odd that your device is having this issue, but the best way to resolve is going to be to file a new ticket and reference the old one.


I am having the exact same issue with both my devices. I thought it may have been the USB cables or adapters but this is hit and miss. I am also not convinced the application is reporting the correct battery status either. Have any improvements been made here? I tried charing one device while powered down, only to restart it later with a lower battery level…is this product really that crap?


Mine is taking forever to charge and then it just died this morning while plugged in. All summer I had no issues plugged in and it held a charge while operating. Its winter now and its acting up. Hope this isn’t a fair weather camera. So, before I thru in the towel, I took the lead cord off and moved the camera so it would reach my outside electrical socket. I think the cord is to short anyway. I know, its just for charging. So, I left the lead cord off, plugged it in and wala, its started charging right away ( the lead cord is new) it took about 9 hours to charge. The camera lasts about 2 days at best before it has to be plugged in and yes, I’ve tried all the motion/recording settings available for the least amount of use possible, still not having much luck


I have 2 Flex’s and both are having charging issues. Both Flex’s stay plugged in 24/7, both Flex’s are outside. When I chat with support they tell me to continue the conversation via email. The response time for that form of interaction hasn’t been good at all. I love the system, but these power issues are not good. So, I have a Flex that won’t turn on and it won’t charge, please help.


Hi Jeff,

With any cases that may require a warranty replacement of the hardware it does require that the case be reviewed and approved by one of our Tier 2 Specialists. I can see that someone has already reviewed and approved the replacement for your case. An agent will be reaching out shortly to gather the relevant information to move forward with the replacement process.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Hello Sean,

Thank you for the quick response. I look forward to be up and running soon.


That article did the trick. Powering down my flex, which I had no idea you could do, and powering it back up started my flex charging again. Thank You!:smiley::+1:


Glad to hear things are working for you again!


I need to return my flex. I’ve tried all options mentioned in the forum, and I still can’t get it to hold a charge.


Please reach out Tom canary directly and Submit A Ticket to find out what’s going on or get you a replacement or refund depending on what your options are.


Just recently my canary flex stopped working like plugging it in to charge it’ll turn on then once it does shuts right off! Than other times it won’t even turn on until I hit the refresh button on the back, the white light goes in circles and than beeps once say hey I’m finally gonna charge! and then makes that beep you don’t want to hear because it’s the" OK I’m just gonna turn off type of beep "like ughh! I’ve even purchased a new charger and wall plug for it but it does the same thing every single time…! I know for a fact it’s been less than a year since I’ve bought this amazing product and it honestly feels like I’m going in circles at this point with no progress… I was wondering how I could start a warranty claim or get some assistance on getting my canary flex warranted out for a new one because for $200 I shouldn’t have this issue so soon or at all for that matter, not to sound mean but I’ve had this $20 wireless/wifi cheap security camera for almost 3 years with not 1 issue so far! it’s out doing your product so ATM so I’m getting pretty disappointed with this situation.! If anyone could get back with me asap about this I would be absolutely greatful for the assistance!! I hope customer service can provide the greatest help I’ve ever seen especially since I’m pay $10 a month for the membership in order to get the full use out of my canary product… even after blowing $200 on one of the very very few battery powered security cameras out there!! Thank you for atleast listening to my rant! I apologize if I was mean! But I had to get that off my chest! Please help me asap!!