Canary Flex battery doesn't charge / charges slowly


I need to return my flex. I’ve tried all options mentioned in the forum, and I still can’t get it to hold a charge.


Please reach out Tom canary directly and Submit A Ticket to find out what’s going on or get you a replacement or refund depending on what your options are.


Just recently my canary flex stopped working like plugging it in to charge it’ll turn on then once it does shuts right off! Than other times it won’t even turn on until I hit the refresh button on the back, the white light goes in circles and than beeps once say hey I’m finally gonna charge! and then makes that beep you don’t want to hear because it’s the" OK I’m just gonna turn off type of beep "like ughh! I’ve even purchased a new charger and wall plug for it but it does the same thing every single time…! I know for a fact it’s been less than a year since I’ve bought this amazing product and it honestly feels like I’m going in circles at this point with no progress… I was wondering how I could start a warranty claim or get some assistance on getting my canary flex warranted out for a new one because for $200 I shouldn’t have this issue so soon or at all for that matter, not to sound mean but I’ve had this $20 wireless/wifi cheap security camera for almost 3 years with not 1 issue so far! it’s out doing your product so ATM so I’m getting pretty disappointed with this situation.! If anyone could get back with me asap about this I would be absolutely greatful for the assistance!! I hope customer service can provide the greatest help I’ve ever seen especially since I’m pay $10 a month for the membership in order to get the full use out of my canary product… even after blowing $200 on one of the very very few battery powered security cameras out there!! Thank you for atleast listening to my rant! I apologize if I was mean! But I had to get that off my chest! Please help me asap!!