Canary Flex Battery Issue


I have a Canary Flex running on Battery outside in my driveway, after going through all suggestions posted on the site to improve battery usage the battery on my camera is only lasting 12 days.Currently the camera is being motion activated between 2-3 times during the day and I rarely use the watch live functionality. I am aware that temperature affects the battery but currently in Knoxville the temperature has been above 50 F for the past couple of weeks. I just read this week in Canary flex review on that the battery is suppose around 2 months on a charge. Is this the expected duration for a camera on battery with the specifications I just mentioned? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated…


@kfeliciano Sorry to hear about your battery issues. If your Canary Flex is only capturing motion two to three times a day, your battery should be lasting longer. Just FYI, I might eventually request you contact our support team to discuss more personal details about your account and device behavior.

I want to be sure this is an issue with your battery as there’s a chance it could be related to another feature that’s consuming more power. A couple questions to help eliminate our variables:

  • When your Canary Flex does record motion, how long are the videos, typically?
  • Is your device positioned as such that it predominantly records while using night vision?
  • Is your device in a place where you’d expect objects rapidly passing in and out of the field of view?

Let me know and we can investigate further.



Hi Pete, Thanks for your prompt response, regards to your questions I have included my answers below…

When your Canary Flex does record motion, how long are the videos, typically? 10-12 seconds the last one it captured was 12 seconds
Is your device positioned as such that it predominantly records while using night vision? No, it has light that is turned on all night beside it.
Is your device in a place where you’d expect objects rapidly passing in and out of the field of view? Its in my driveway positioned in way to avoid the street but still capture my whole driveway. It does get activated sometimes by cars going down the street.

I currently have ticket opened with Tech Support, but I wanted to see. if there where any additional suggestions the community could provide.



Thanks for the additional info @kfeliciano! I’ve found your ticket and added this conversation to its record, and will follow up on that internally.



How long does it take to fully charge the flex battery? Is there any setting it should be in while charging?



In my experience it takes a few hours to charge and it works no matter what setting it is in.


@avvocot Great questions!

Charge time is affected by a variety of factors, but it should take around 4 to 6 hours. Canary Flex’s battery capacity is little bit more than two times that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to environmental conditions (i.e. extreme cold), Canary Flex consumes more power when it’s recording video, and even more power is used to illuminate the infrared lights for night vision. I’d suggest turning off your Canary Flex to charge, or at least make sure it’s set to private.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.


Maybe your Flex is in a place where the sun moved and casts shadows and is triggering the IR many times during the day?


Just recharged the battery after 11 days and immediately I disconnect it after fully charging the battery it displays that it has consumed around 5% or more with out use. Can this be a faulty battery issue? Any assistance would be appreciated I have attached a printscreen of the app after having fully charged and disconnected to install.

Charging time for canary flex

The battery can take a few minutes to update.


Hey @kfeliciano, just wanted to check in on your last comment. @todd.lagerberg is right, it can take a few minutes for the app’s UI to update and reflect the battery’s actual charge. Was this the case?


Yes that was the case after I checked later on it was displaying correctly. Support also contacted me to let me know they are working on fixing this…




CHARGED FOR 12 Hours and still showing low battery! Major issues with my Flexes!

Hi @johnnyj42, I’ve removed your comment as it doesn’t sound like this is the same issue as the OP, but we don’t have enough detail to help you troubleshoot. If you’re having a specific issue with charging your Canary Flex, please create a separate post or contact us at Thanks!


Any update on the battery issue, mine hardly works for a few days and has to be recharged, just got 3 new flex’s and all acting same.


I’ve been going back and forth with support on a similar sounding issue. They’ve been extremely helpful and I’ve been very appreciative of the time they’ve spent with me.

I have a dual-band router and a network extender. They were able to determine that my Flex cameras were constantly switching between my 2.5GHz and 5GHz networks. This activity was draining the batteries in a matter of days, leading me to strongly debate their battery life claim of “weeks” and “months”. Their suggestion was to split the network into two separate bands in order to eliminate the automatic switching and then connect the Flex units to the 2.5GHz band which has a greater broadcast range.

So far, this has worked to preserve the battery life of one of the two units. We’re still working out what’s causing the drain on the other one. I suspect it’s being triggered far more often than it should be, but I’ve got it inside my garage for the time being with the sensitivity cranked all the way down. I’m not entirely convinced that’s the issue. It was triggered 11 times in an overnight period, but you have to figure that it would be triggered at least that many times over the course of several weeks or a month’s worth of operation.

In any case, support was able to see a lot more technical information about the cameras and their performance than is exposed to users like you and me. It’s been invaluable in troubleshooting the issue.

I hope this helps.


I’m having battery issues as well and have had a ticket open a couple weeks ago and another today. First it was blamed on using an Apple router and an update was supposed to fix it but I don’t know if that fix has been pushed yet. I’m lucky if I get two weeks out of a full charge.

Also have had issues with the battery light on the app not showing a full charge and now I can’t get it to show more than 25% after charging for 19 hours.


My issue is not the same as the OP but I’m sure that someone in my situation will come here because of the thread title.

Like the comment that was removed I’m having battery charging issues. I bought two Flexes and one charged right up fine and the other was still not charged after 24 hours. I moved it to another plug ( a GFCI) and it tripped. I had been working on troubleshooting with support ( swapped power supplies with the other Flex and tried my Samsung fast charge adapter) but after the GFCI fault I exchanged it for a new one at Best Buy just to be safe.

Now the new one has been on power for 4 hours and if I unplug the thing it goes to critically low right away. The only difference between my two Flexes is that the one that won’t charge spends a lot of time in night mode because it is in a dark hallway. Anyone else having this issue?


My second Flex (the one that will actually charge to 100%) will occasionally dip down to 95% and then charge back up to 100% and I get the full battery notification. I assumed this was a battery protection feature as both my Alienware laptop and ASUS ultrabook do this to extend the life of lithium battery. Maybe Support can confirm this is nominal behavior for the Flex…


Found my own work around for the battery charging issue: I left a light on in the hallway that the Flex in question looks at, forcing it to stay in day mode, and the unit charged right up.

Lithium batteries do draw more amps initially and then gradually taper off so it might be that the power supply cannot supply enough current to both charge a completely flat battery and power the IR illuminators.


That sounds about right. The infrared LED on the Canary Flex requires a great deal of power, and will drain the battery at a much more rapid rate than using it outside of night vision would. Attempting to charge the Canary Flex while it is set to a mode that records and in night vision can lead to extremely slow charging times if it’s picking up a lot of activity.

To get the fastest charge, I’d recommend setting your Canary Flex to private if possible. This will allow it to devote its full resources to charging the battery. Keeping it in a well lit area as you have figured out will also allow a faster charge than a dark area where night vision might activate.