Canary Flex coming to Canada?


Hi all,

I live in Canada and I picked up a Canary Flex recently while visiting the U.S. Would love to pick up another one but the Flex isn’t here (yet), just the regular Canary model. The FAQ mentioned it coming to Europe at some point but no mention of Canada. Can someone from Canary comment on this?

BTW I just went to re-read the FAQ and the link is broken on your site


Hi @trevport,

Thanks for your interest in Canary Flex! We’re working towards bringing the Canary Flex to Canada as quickly as possible, but don’t have a definite date yet. Once things are more set in stone we’ll be sure to let our mailing list know!

In the meantime, you may find some U.S. retailers like Amazon are willing to ship to your Canadian address, so this could be an option for you.

Would you mind letting me know where you found that link so I can make sure it gets fixed? Thanks!


I think that stale link came from me googling ‘canary flex faq’ but it looks like the FAQ link on the canary website footer is correct. Thanks for the info.