Canary Flex connecting to a PAYG WiFi


I have a holiday home which only has a PAYG WiFi (wifinity) connection for four devices. I only have a router & ethernet at home. I want to purchase a battery outdoor security camera system to work at both locations and was looking at the Arlo Pro but realise that needs ethernet to work. Does anybody know if the Canary flex can be set up to work on a PAYG WIFI.


Hi @michelle,

Canary Flex is capable of connecting with a wireless network. I’m not familiar with Wifinity, but typically we would not recommend a PAYG Wi-Fi setup. Your Canary Flex will be recording and uploading high resolution video, which requires a great deal of bandwidth and could cause you to pay more than expected on a PAYG connection. Additionally, this kind of connection isn’t as reliable as a traditional router and modem setup and I wouldn’t recommend it for connecting a security camera. Depending on how Wifinity is setup, you may not be able to connect Canary Flex at all if connection requires you to log into your Wifinity account on a webpage.

Sorry for the bad news! Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this.