Canary Flex Doesn't Seem to Detect Motion



I’ve had two Canary devices in my home for a few months now, and I"m very familiar with how they work. I just added a Canary Flex for outside my front door, and after a week, it seems like it never detects motion or records anything.

The Canary Flex’s battery is full and it reports its wi-fi signal as “High,” and I have it set to maximum sensitivity. But, even if I stand on front of the device and wave my arms, it never turns on or records anything. The only time it seems to turn on is when I access it from the app and watch its live picture. Then it does indeed power up and turn on after a wait of about 15-20 seconds.

Is this normal behavior for Canary Flex? Is there anything else I can try to get it working?

Thank you!

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Hey @GSanchez, happy to look into this.

My first thought is placement - how high is your Canary Flex located relative to the area it’s monitoring? And how is it angled? To help preserve battery, Canary Flex relies on infrared to help identify motion, which has a smaller field of detection than computer vision.

Let me know, but also feel free to contact support if you need to discuss specific details about your account, such as your device settings or screenshots illustrating your particular environment.


It’s mounted about nine feet above ground, angled down, so that it’s pointed right at the porch. Before I mounted it there, it was inside for a few days (sitting on a countertop), and when someone walked right past it, it also never turned on or seemed to register the motion.

So far, I’m not pleased with my purchase. How do I contact support? Is that not what this is?


@GSanchez I understand your frustration, and if your device is found to be defective, we’ll be happy to exchange it.

While this is a support forum for people to get help from the community and the Canary team, it’s also public, and a one-on-one conversation is going to be more productive seeing as you’ve tried basic troubleshooting with no results, and we may need to ask you for some personal information to get to the bottom of this behavior.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email us at Please feel free to share this thread with the agent to provide context.

I hope that provides some clarification.


I’m having a similar issue. It rarely wakes up; and, when it does, it’s far too late. In testing, I won’t get the notification until a minute or so after I walk by it, and the recording doesn’t capture the movement.


I am finding that my Flex is missing activity when it is in “sleep mode”. I have it installed outside using the battery but while doing so it goes in a mode where it misses activity. I missed someone coming in my house but see them leave an hour later. This should not happen. ANy ideas?




Hi @kremere, my apologies for the long wait on a response! I’ve gone ahead and moved your post into the existing topic on this so we can take a look.

As @pete mentioned in his response above, the placement of your Canary Flex can have a big impact on motion detection. I’m also curious if you’ve used it in the same location while plugged in and if that has made any difference. How far is it from your router when you’re using it outside?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!


I will test with the camera plugged in this week and let you know.




I just received my canary flex and is facing the same problem.

Even with my head moving in front of the camera, it just doesn’t wake up at all with the motion sensitivity set to highest.

The placement of my flex is just beside the router on 5gHz bandwidth with speeds of 100/10.

Live view is virtually inexistent and forever connecting.


Same thing happens to me with my Flex, does not record motion. Mine is mounted above my front door at 8’ high. Rarely catches any motion. I go out every morning to get the paper & come back in the front door, no recording. When I first got it I had it using plugged in power inside the house & it worked fine, moved it outside on battery with sensitivity at maximum & it no longer works. Have talked with canary tech support & nothing they suggested works. Apparently this product was pushed out without proper testing. We have 60 days after activation to return & unless there is a hardware upgrade that fixes this problem I will be returning mine & getting a different product that actually works.


Have same issue, bought 3 flex’s and motion has sometimes worked and other times the camera does not detect motion. Hope there is a fix soon as thinking about returning too if there is no fix.


To everyone that is having this issue, I feel your frustration. I’ve replaced my first Flex because it did the same thing and I thought it was defective. I exchanged for another and it’s only gotten worse. The Canary Flex is a hot piece of trash! It won’t detect motion and the battery life is absolutely weak. They cannot fix this issue. RETURN YOUR DEVICE AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK!


Hi @hushpuppy85, I’m sorry this has been a frustrating experience. We do appreciate your feedback, and resolving the issues reported here is our top priority.

Starting yesterday, we’re actually releasing a couple of firmware updates over the next few weeks to address the issues with motion detection and connectivity. You should see improved performance with firmware version 1.0.4, with more improvements in the following release.

You can view the release notes for firmware version 1.0.4 here:

Again, thanks for your patience and please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any further questions.


When exactly is it being rolled out? Because I have no faith in your company to accomplish anything. This shouldn’t even have been an issue. I’m returning this piece of garbage and getting a nest cam. It’s ridiculous that I have to keep my Flex plugged in outside for it to maybe work. I don’t even know if the charging cable is weatherproof? The whole reason I bought this thing was to monitor for outside security. It won’t even pick up any human being at all!


@hushpuppy85 It’s being rolled out to users incrementally. I’d recommend checking your Canary app to verify which version your Flex is running as it could have already been updated.

In order to preserve battery charge, Canary Flex goes to sleep when motion it’s not detecting motion. Because of this, when motion is detected, Flex has to wake up before it can begin to record. Sometimes the very beginning of a motion event can be missed. The latest firmware addresses this behavior and we feel confident that it solves most of these motion detection issues, with more updates in the coming weeks.


Sometimes the very beginning of a motion event can be missed.

That right there is a reason Canary as a company should refund every customer. That is admitting that your product is not ready for market and you’ve duped your customers. If even one event can be missed, then that is a major flaw, showing that your product does not work. I would like my refund so I will never have to deal with your company again! I own a vacation property and use Canary as a way to monitor what is going on when I’m not there. Two way text isn’t ready, motion detection doesn’t work, video timeline is spotty,continually goes offline from the wifi network, and now a mass firmware fix isn’t being issued all at once. I’m glad to know that Canary “truly cares” about their customers and their products. Everyone who has asked me about using Canary for their properties, i tell them to not even bother. Canary products, especially the FLEX are a total waste of money!


All my 3 cameras yesterday got the update, but i still have the same issue, motion detection is spotty at best. Has been a hit and miss. Notification hardly comes through, if motion is detected it seems the recording is of the ,after part where one has already passed the camera or is not visible at times only to have a black area with no one in it. Not sure about battery life so far as it has been one day since the update. Hope these are fixed soon as definitely not an outdoor camera if has to be plugged in all the time to work.


I’ve received the firmware update for my Flex device and it still doesn’t work. It constantly goes offline and still drops the signal. At this point I just want to be refunded and wash my hands with this majorly flawed product.


Hi @hushpuppy85, if you’d like to discuss your options for returning your Canary Flex, please reach out our support team directly.

We do understand your frustration. Our team is hard at work on delivering improvements and are passionate about elevating the Flex experience as soon as we can, but if that isn’t satisfactory, a one on one conversation with our support team is the most productive channel to discuss refunds and returns.


Have returned mine for now till canary fixes these issues as the camera is unusable at present.