Canary Flex Doesn't Seem to Detect Motion


Checked mine, still running version 1.0.3, don’t have high expectations after reading the reports from others. How does the update get installed?


@wateron It should be coming in the next week or so and will automatically be added to your device. The update came this afternoon for me!

Firmware updates are staggered for security reasons, so devices will be updated over the course of this week and next.


Any update on this, if Motion is being improved as my flex even on latest firmware hardly detects motion at a distance unless one passes almost by it.


Fortunately for me the latest firmware has improved motion detection substantially on my outside flex running on battery. But I am encountering the following issue with motion recording, when the Flex starts recording a motion event it records the beginning of the motion then stops recording and records then end of the motion that triggered it. For example they came to pickup the garbage this morning in front of my house and flex recorded when the truck arrived to pick it up but it then skips to when the truck left and doesn’t capture when he is placing the bags in the back of the truck. This happens frequently, is this expected functionality? or is it a bug or issue with the recording? I would expect it to record all the motion related events in there entirety and not skip. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Yes my cameras are a bit better with the update but what I have noticed is canary is slow to wake up or sometimes misses the object moving or gets the latter part. Hope there is a fix coming soon for that.


I’ve just installed my Flex, it upgraded itself to 1.0.5. and it’s mounted across the walkway from a Netgear Arlo under the roof overhang - about 7-8 feet up. When I walk down the walkway, I get the Arlo notification but nothing from the Flex. I set the motion detection level to the max and it’s plugged in. Are other people still having issues with their Flex?

Please help.


Yes. We bought one recently, after being happy with the normal Canary, and it almost never triggers. We’ve been trying to play around with the location before contacting customer support, but so far, it’s been rather disappointing.


It’s difficult to say what could be causing this issue without more specifics. Would you feel comfortable sharing the make and model of your router, as well as a screenshot from Watch Live showing the view your Canary Flex has? You can also submit a ticket to our support team if you don’t feel comfortable publicly posting these details.


I went ahead and pushed a firmware update to your Canary Flex which may help with this. If you’re still seeing issues, would you mind sharing the make and model of your wireless router as well as a screenshot of Watch Live showing your device placement? Please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket to our support team as well so they can work more closely with the specifics of your situation.


Just bought a Canary Flex this past week and have discovered the same poor motion detection in a setup outside about 9 feet high when running on the battery. It’s running the latest 1.0.5 firmware so I really hope this can eventually be resolved by a firmware update. Any chance there’s a new firmware coming soon to truly address this?


Have you tried submitting a ticket to our support team? Most issues with motion detection can be addressed by changing network settings or placement of the device, and will not need a firmware update to correct. The firmware is to address edge cases with specific routers and placement situations.


I’ll submit a ticket but just a general motion detection question - what would be considered the maximum installation height to capture motion reliably? Should I not expect it to detect significant motion within the view radius past a certain distance?


Our suggested mounting height is about 8 feet from the ground. Maximum detection range will vary with placement, environment, and whether it’s in night vision, but we just released an app update yesterday which gives you some customization over how long range the PIR motion detection is when used on battery.

How can I adjust the sensitivity of my Canary Flex?

I’d make sure you’re on the newest app update and try extending the recording range to see if this helps your issue.


I changed my battery settings to ‘Long range’ and that appeared to make a big different in the number of motion events being captured, thanks!

It wasn’t entirely obvious to me that this setting would do this based on the description text though.


I have just purchased the Canary Flex today. I have it mounted about 9 feet above the porch pointing across my drive. The motion detector picked up a car driving past - the road is 30ft from the camera, but incredibly didn’t pick me up getting into my car on the drive. As you understand this is totally unacceptable. Can you explain why this happens and what needs to be done to fix it ASAP.


Hi @Garvey11,

Thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with your Flex! From a quick glance at your account, the first thing I’m noticing is that your Canary Flex is connected to a 5 GHz network and getting a somewhat weak Wi-Fi signal. While 5 GHz can be faster than 2.4 GHz, it also doesn’t have as far of a range and doesn’t penetrate walls as well. If you’re using your Flex outdoors, I’d recommend reconnecting it to the 2.4 GHz network to get a stronger, faster signal.

If this doesn’t seem to help with the issue, please open a ticket with our support team. They’ll be able to look at your device placement and network equipment to provide more in-depth troubleshooting suggestions.


Thank you for your reply - How do I connect to 2.GHz?


This will depend on your router. Most routers will split the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands into separate networks. For example, when you connect to Wi-Fi in your home you might see the networks “Garvey’s Wi-Fi” and “Garvey’s Wi-Fi 5G”. In that case you’d want to change your Flex’s Wi-Fi connection to the non-5G option.

If both bands are running under a single network name, you may need to split the bands into separate networks. I’d recommend contacting your ISP or router manufacturer for assistance with this.


My flex is running the 1.1.0 update … good wifi connection. Works fine when plugged in , does everything I want it to but when on battery power the thing just doesn’t pick anything up , you literally have to tap the thing to make it record… why is it so poor when on battery power ??? Should work the same as if plugged in surely??? Any answers to rectify this issue would be great …


Hi @Chloeb1bby,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with it! I’d need a lot more information to figure out what might be preventing your Canary Flex from detecting motion and recording on battery. I’d recommend taking a look at this Help Center article for some ideas on how to improve motion detection when your Canary Flex is used unplugged:

How does Flex detect motion when on battery?

If you’re not able to resolve the issue with the troubleshooting suggestions in that article, please open at ticket with our support team and they can dig in further with you to try and determine what’s going on.