Canary Flex firmware 1.0.4 release notes


Starting today, Canary Flex devices will be updated to firmware version 1.0.4. Firmware updates are staggered for security reasons, so devices will be updated over the course of this week and next.

v1.0.4 includes:

  • Improved night vision performance.
  • Fixes to ensure battery mode motion video appears on the timeline.
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Automatic Night Vision
Canary Flex Doesn't Seem to Detect Motion

is there any way to force the update on your flex cameras? or is there a schedule for when they “should” receive the updated?


Firmware updates are usually rolled out over the course of one or two weeks. If you need the update right away, you can always contact support and we can have engineering push it out to your device early.

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