Canary Flex firmware 2.3.0 release notes


Canary Flex devices will be updated to firmware version 2.3.0. Firmware updates are staggered for security reasons, so devices will be updated over the course of the next week.

Version 2.3.0 includes:

  • Updates to the on-device LED battery gauge (more info here)
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


Does this firmware update address the dangerous issue of significant delays in activity notifications? I have complained about this in another thread, as have other users. And I just submitted a ticket regarding it. This is going to be the last straw for me retaining my status as a Canary customer if this problem cannot be resolved!


Hey @RobbW, I saw @Sean wrote back to you in your original post. I hope that answered your question?


My canary flex’s will sometimes capture and upload motion and sometimes won’t. It picks and chooses. I have it set to the highest sensitivity. I have a strong internet connection. My Ring doorbell always works and uploads with no issues. I will sometimes see the red light when I try to trigger the canary and then no video or notification will be sent or upload. I pulled my car into the driveway it didn’t record it or notice it but it managed to notice the school bus drive by at the end of the driveway the same day. I have all my settings on the highest sensitivity and to record regardless if it’s home or away. I’ve reset and re-paired all 3 flex’s. I’ve reset the phone, reinstalled the software reset the modem & router (even though I know it’s not the issue). It seems to be a more recent problem exasperated highly in the past week or so. It would occasionally miss before but I now I find them down right unreliable and my subscription a waste of money.


Could be placebo but I’m sure the battery life of my Flexes has improved with this update. Connectivity def. more stable - I have numerous Flexs and during any 24hr period at least one would drop off the network for an hour or two, not so much since 2.3.


My Canary Flex is still operating with Firmware 2.2.0.

Do the device automatically update the firmware?


Mine seem to drain alot faster. I used to get about 3-4 weeks before having to recharge. Now about 10 days. My neighbor has Ring cameras…he charges them every 2 months lol


I have 3 Canary Flex cameras. One stopped functioning and I couldn’t get it to function again, so I deleted it, reset it, and tried to add it back to the account. However, it seems to be stuck in “Update in Progress” mode. Any thoughts?


Hey @JoeP, I would encourage you to Submit A Ticket to Canary. They may not get back to you immediately due to the holidays but expect a response afterwards to help you clear this up!


JoeP I had the same issue with my flex. I started a chat with Canary and they were able to push the update for me. I hope it’s a quick fix for you too.


I am having the same issue with my flex. It does not catch human movement but catches vehicles on the road.