Canary Flex firmware v1.0.5


I don’t know when this update was released but my Flex is now working worse than it was recently. Now barely picks up movement & when it does half the time no notification. Any way to go back to v1.0.4? Of course this has to happen a week after my 60 day return is up.


Hi @wateron,

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble! Nothing in the v1.0.5 update should have caused the issues you’re describing. How long have you been experiencing these problems? Did anything else change, like moving the Canary Flex, unplugging it or plugging it in, or changing what network it’s connected to? Have you adjusted any settings in the app?


I don’t know when the v1.0.5 update was pushed out or whether that is what caused my problem. After the v1.0.4 update my Flex was working as it should. Last Saturday I switched my wifi to a different system. I then decided I would go back to the prior wifi setup. Doing this I naturally had to take the Flex down from it’s bracket but it was put back in the same position so in reality nothing should have changed, but it has. Now the Flex is performing like it was prior to the v1.0.4 update which was not good. Doesn’t pick up motion events at all like it used to so am not currently happy with it.


Thanks for that additional detail. You might want to try doing a power cycle reset on your Canary Flex to see if that helps. I’d also recommend unplugging your wireless router for a minute or two.

If neither of those options help, I’d encourage you to submit a ticket to our support team so they can looking more closely at your specific situation. Feel free to share the results of what helped here!