Canary Flex motion detection during Rain/Snow


First off I have my Flex mounted just a tad too high over my driveway for the IR to properly illuminate my driveway and I know it (about 8ft). I just don’t have any other options at the moment.

However, how has everyones performance and motion detection been with rain and snow (for those of us in areas that get snow)? I have my flex constantly recording all day but only notifying when in night mode. If its raining or snowing at night - the flex never stops recording. Here’s what my feed looks like the day after it rains.

And a 10 second clip of what the camera is capturing in each of these.

I had this problem with previous DVR systems that were software controlled with IR and motion zones, you’d get a few raindops (or snowflakes) that fly past the camera really close and the camera freaks out and thinks theres a lot of motion.

So far the Canary has been great about not ALERTING me purely for weather, but is there anything that can be done to improve the capability so it is not recording every second that it rains or snows at night? Will this improve at all if I can get the camera closer so the ground where the driveway is visible in night mode?

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