Canary Flex night light


Hi all, I’m still trying to figure out where to position my Flex. I purchased the unit to give me visibility outside but with no power source outside of my house, I’ve temporarily out it behind a glass window.

Question - I just noticed that the flex activates a bright light at night. Why does it do this and how do I stop it?

(image is the unit reflecting off the window)



The light is the IR
Iight for night time. You will never be able to keep it behind glass at night.


Thanks. Why is the IR light that bright? It’s like a flash light at night.


What you are seeing is the “night vision” being reflected by the window, but what’s great about it, is that it isn’t seen by the human eye. So, though it shows up as a bright light in the video feed, there is actually no such light there that others can see!


Thanks Zev. I’m not sure this is true though I might be wrong. The attached photo is from my other Canary which looks at the Flex. As you can see, there’s that bright light from the Flex again on the right against the window. You can even see the light reflecting onto the ceiling. Are you saying that this “night vision” light is only visible by Canary devices?


Hi @sevan9,

The light you’re seeing is as @Zev said infrared light coming from the infrared LEDs on the cameras. It’s not typically visible to the human eye or to cameras. However, both the Canary All-in-One and Canary Flex have a special infrared filter that slides in front of the camera lens when they are in night vision. This allows them to see the infrared light so they can get an image of your home in the dark. This is why you would be able to see the infrared LED shining infrared light from your Flex through Watch Live on your Canary All-in-One when it’s in night vision. Hope that clarifies things!


It does - thanks @angie!