Canary Flex not charging! NO more online

Hello Everyone!

Recently my canary flex has stopped wanting to charge/hold a charge, I wanted to know if others have experienced this? If so, what solution if any, do you have?

I leave it connected to the charger overnight for 3 nights already and it still shows offline on my app. Its really disheartening seeing as this product is less that 2 years old or even 1 year old actually.

Does anyone have any tips??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: ! - Julio

Have you opened up a support case? I believe they have a 1 year warranty. If they aren’t able to fix it they should send you another one.


I have not opened a support case yet, and I did not find an email to create one until your comment mentioned it. I just found the email- i will email them and hopefully we can get this fixed!

Thank you! you rock


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