Canary Flex Secure Mount Flaw



I have purchased a Canary Flex device and secure mount. I was in contact with support earlier in the week regarding the setup and also few general questions and all of my enquiries were answered which is great

Today I installed my canary flex and secure mount and I have followed up with an email to Canary Support stating a flaw with the secure mount. I am awaiting a response at the moment. I mentioned in my reply to support that I would post this issue in the community.

I would like to know if any owners of the secure mount have this issue which is even after securing the canary flex to the secure mount using the hex tool and screw at the bottom of the mount as instructed, I can still easily rotate the canary flex after securing it until it is removed from the secure mount.

This is a serious flaw with the mount. I have searched online and have also seen this flaw mentioned in the following YouTube video.

Whilst I await a response from Canary Support regarding this, what are the thoughts of flex and secure mount owners? Have you experienced this issue with your mount?


I have installed my flex at a height that is not easily reachable because of this. I have received the following response from Canary support:

At this time, this is how the secure mounts attach to the Canary, and a replacement mount would have the same design. I will be sure to pass your feedback along in regards to the design of the secure mount directly to our engineers.