Canary Flex - USB Power Socket Adapter


I just purchased the following USB Socket Adapter for my canary flex that was running on Battery and was able to provide power for it. I highly recommend it for anybody that has a light fixture close to a flex camera running on battery.

No the only thing I need is a shorter power AC cable does Canary sell shorter AC usb cable for the Flex?


That’s a cool idea, does the voltage and amperage match up correctly to the flex?


It provides 2 amps of power, and it’s being used by various people to provide power to nest cams. I have just had it for a day and it is working fine with the flex…


If only that would fit in my exterior light fixture, that would be ideal. Oh well!


It actually fit in 2 of my exterior light fixtures and one of the was very small the other one was a decorative one in the front of my garage. You can always try it
And return it if doesn’t work…


Mine outdoor light uses 2 of the smaller bulb types. I would have to replace the light for this to work. It is tempting though.


I’ve got one of these to power my flex outdoors:

Takes mains power from an outside light to provide a small USB socket that can fit inside a waterproof housing (or in the soffit with my downlighters)