Canary geofencing problems


Canary automatically arms when I leave my home but it’s not automatically activating privacy mode when I return home u less I open the canary app on my device. This has only started since I’ve upgraded my phone from am lg g4 to an LG g6. Any advice will be much appreciated. I’ve tried recent erring the geofencing and it all looks good and also checked the app has access to my phones location and this is also activated.


Hi @Stwven5watson,

There are quite a few settings on newer Android phones which can affect the Canary app’s ability to read your location. I’d recommend going through the guided assistant available on our Help Center article for Android geofencing issues:

How can I troubleshoot location settings? (Android)

If the guided assistant isn’t able to resolve your problem, you’ll be able to open a ticket with our support team so they can investigate further with you. Hope that helps!