Canary going offline


Hi have had my device 2 days and it keeps going offline.
At the moment I think I have made the wrong choice into buying this and I am really dissatisfied with it.
Is anyone else having the same issue’s ?

I am currently waiting for a specialist to call me when ever that may be

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Hey @johnsond28, can you describe the issue you are having a little more? Have you fully set up your canary to record when you want? Take a look at these FAQs to get you started…



Same problem here: keeps ‘dropping’ wi-fi and the Canary Customer Services are just blaming my wi-fi, my router or both. No problems at all with my Canary All-in-One interior device but having major issues with the Flex. Have asked for a replacement but the answer was no, so now asked to return this and have a refund as I believe the unit is faulty. But not getting anywhere fast with this either - it just seems that the Canary Customer Service are procrastinating and being difficult. Weird behaviour towards their own customers! Hoping to see if this is resolved shortly otherwise will have to resort to asking my credit card company to step in, under Section 75 of the CCA.

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Ive been speaking to Jeremiah one of Canary’s specialist who is helping me with it.
Apparently part of the issue was a server going down their end but its been rectified.
I am waiting for them to call me back but they may of sorted it out, not sure yet tho

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Their products are too server / cloud dependent.

Its one thing to rely on a local wifi network being available but I’ve asked them why we can’t configure the devices to store media to a local NAS drive which is then accessible via the cloud or to at least offer IFTTT support so that one can write rules to have that content pushed elsewhere (e.g. Dropbox, etc). Then you’d have options when their servers are down.

The whole ‘offline’ issue that seems to be prevalent with the Flex Cam right now seems to be tied to it being unable to contact the Canary servers. That doesn’t offer a reliable security solution when you want it to always be capturing footage and recording that when events occur and to be able to propagate that to places you designate. If their servers are down and you get burgled, a very expensive camera is useless if it doesn’t record the footage locally or have sent it to you via your wifi network to email, etc and other channels you specify.

These types of capabilities, which reduce the reliance on cloud based services, allwo you to drive your security solution how you want it.

Right now, an ‘offline’ status on my camera doesn’t tell me if the problem is at my end or Canary’s end and I have to raise a ticket to find out. Thats not the security level I need - i need more than that.

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I’m having the exact same issues, I’ve tried with multiple wifi AP’s, routers even connecting the AIO devices via ethernet. I’m having cameras going off multiple times a day for up to 18 hours at a time and refused to re-connect to Canary cloud but are connected locally to wifi or ethernet.

Support has the audacity to blame my equipment even though I’ve tried multiple different equipment. My ISP confirms there is no fault on my line and have the best connection that can be supplied over FTTC 80/20 I get the fully sync rate.

I defiantly will be getting rid of these devices as I’ve had these issues for 3 months and Canary support are now refusing completely to help, just blaming my equipment and that the “engineers” will not be troubleshooting the issue with me?

I will be making my own post on this as until this is fixed new customers need to know that support is very limited and will blame equipment instead of looking into the logs and finding the actual cause of the problem which is between the Canary cameras and their Phoenix, Az based servers.



I’ve eventually got rid of my canary flex and for the Logitech circle 2 which I’m really happy with.
I have my canary all in one tho