Canary Home (all in one) always says "You are not at Home"


… but I am home! My android phone and I are home but that app always says we are not.

I have the app set up on iPads and my android phone but it says I am not home.

I’m struggling with the Mode settings. My goal is to have the setting of “private” when I am home, except for when the night mode should kick in. During night mode I expect it to record if there is any movement. Similarly I expect it to record if there is any movement when I leave the house. So far I don’t seem to get the mode setting correct.

Currently I have Home setting as private. Away setting as “Auto-mode switching”, and Night mode to start at 11:45PM to 5AM - record video. I’m not sure if it is confused because my iPad stays home when I leave with my phone, but that doesn’t explain why my phone says I am not home when I am.

Should the setting I have meet my objectives?


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