Canary in Australia


I have a Canary in Australia.
I have 100 megabit Cable.
Video Recordings work well. I can play them back and it works fine.

When in Australia: The following Applies.
When connecting from Android. I CAN watch live. It works OK.
When connecting from Apple. I CANNOT watch Live. It never loads.

This has been tested from Corporate Wifi / Home Wifi / 4g. It makes no difference.

When in England on Holiday; The following Applies.
When connecting from Android. I CAN watch live. It works OK.
When connecting from Apple. I CAN watch Live. It works OK.

Would love to understand why I cannot watch Live from Iphone in Australia.When the exact same device works from the UK. Am I being GEO fenced ?


Hey @Malks,

It’s a little odd that you are getting different results between devices. Would you mind running a test on your devices with following the directions below? I do not believe that Canary blocks or “geofences” any areas of the world (as you asked), so the difficulty would seem to be stemming from either your iOS device or your network.

via I can't watching live stream

Also go ahead and check these FAQs out as they may help as well.


Speed test to Virginia.


It looks like your ping is high and that may be what is causing the issue (officially Canary suggests that it be under 200ms, and yours is at 250ms). The higher the ping the slower the ‘reaction time’ is.

Unfortunately this is not something that can be resolved with Canary’s support team, that would be something you’d need to discuss with your internet service provider (ISP). It is possible that a higher speed could help with the issue, but no guarantee can be made.


I love the definition of the camera, but having the traffic routing from 10km down the road through Virginia seems crazy.

Are Canary looking to make use of Amazon or something to house DC’s in other countries? I presume this is the case for all other Australians who own Canarys? Can you let me know if this has been reported before?


Hi @Malks,

While your local internet speeds meet our requirements, @Zev is correct, and the problem here is due to your ping. Ping is basically the length of time it takes for the signal to travel from your router to our servers in Virginia. As mentioned in our Wi-Fi requirements, you will experience issues when your ping is higher than 180ms; currently your ping is 250 ms.

Australian users do frequently report difficulty loading Watch Live in this area due to the distance from our servers in the US and the resulting high ping. Parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia can also have issues with Watch Live due to distance. As we continue to expand into the global market we are hoping to add more servers to provide a better experience in these regions, but I don’t have a time frame on when that would be.


Thanks for the Clarity Angie. You have a good product here, but your reach for the time being isn’t what it could be because of limitations. Good luck with your world domination plans, and if you can fix these issues i’ll be vocal about how good your products are.