Canary Light Flashing White On and Off


I have the Canary All in one not the flex. Ever since the last update that allowed two way talk I’ve had intermittent problems with the canary. I’ve tried rebooting router and the canary device but I keep getting the problem where I can see the light flashing on and off below the canary. At the same time I cannot make a live connection to the Canary via the phone app. Then on another day the live connection works and the light stops flashing.

I must repeat that all of this has happened since the last update so I have to blame the software.


I’m having this problem but only since today. Keep having to mark as private then as away to temp fix but it keep reverting back to flashing white light…

This needs fixing now!


Contacted canary and they have said it is a current outage.


Hi @guladig and @Dan7970,

Thank you for reporting these issues. Our engineers are currently investigating connectivity issues with the Canary device and app. You may also experience issues resetting your password or logging into your account.

For more information and updates, please see our status page.

Thank you for your patience while we work on getting the service back to normal as quickly as possible.


I am closing this thread as service has now been fully restored. If you are continuing to experience problems please create a new thread or open a ticket with our support team.

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