Canary making strange sound


My Canary is making a strange noise. It sounds like the creek of an old rocking chair when viewing the live feed. Anyone know what might be causing this?


Hey @cherchel,

If you wouldn’t mind sharing a video of what you’re describing, that would be really helpful for us to diagnose your issue. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a video with everyone on the forum, you can also contact us directly to share a video and we can help you out!


I’m having the same issues with both of my Canary Flex. The clicking sound seems to be associated with the wifi. Every time my phone grabs data, spinning download icon in the upper left of the iPhone, the clicking sound is heard. It almost sounds like a distant sprinkler system.


@kajmaya if you are able to get a video of this with audio that would be excellent so that Support can further diagnose and work with you on the issue.


The clicking sound starts at about :07 seconds.


Huh that’s very odd to hear that happening. I think the best next step for you may be to create a support request here and include the video and any other details you have. Also feel free to include a link to this page.


I’ve tried changing the wireless channel on the 2.4 band. It was at Auto channel 11 moving from this channel to any other channel made the problem worst. Instead of hearing the clicking sounds, during that clicking time interval the audio went dead. I also moved my other wireless devices off of the 2.4 band and onto the 5 G band but still the problem persists. And with just one Flex attached I still had the same clicking sounds. Again it seems the sounds occurs when the device is pulling the network. What I didn’t try was removing the AC line, as I would like to leave these units plugged in. But this isn’t AC hum I’m hearing.


I recently started having the same issue on one of my Flex devices, crackling on audio.


Hey @mbeltows, if you haven’t yet, I would advise you to Submit A Ticket to the Canary Team so they can take a look and help you resolve the issue.