Canary needs to be more "stealthy" at night


I love my canaries, and would like to keep them in event of something happening.

At night the unit stands out because of the glowing status ring on the bottom AND the IR illumination LEDs.
These draw unwanted attention to Canary and is soon noticed that it has a frontal camera. (I have ha a couple people notice this)

I have since blocked both of these with electrical tape but i loose the built in illumination
I have since bought IR floodlights in a wavelength that you cant see glowing LEDs so they are truly IR !

I would like to request these if these items can be modified?

  1. truly invisible IR leds ( no visible light at all) similar to a remote control… witch can be seen on the Canary

  2. an option to turn off the status light (after configuration / setup)

Disable notification light at the bottom of Canary "all-in-ones"
Flex and flying bugs
Canary Lights on the device

I totally agree. I like the lights sometimes but in other situations I don’t want the light to bring attention. They could unplug the unit and now I lose valuable footage for the police.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that feel this way… on a side note, if the device is stolen or removed, the footage is stored in the cloud or on there servers and can still be downloaded (this hapend to me hence my suggestions)


That’s true but once they unplug it it no longer records losing any further footage


I totally agree, I have the status ring on the bottom taped as well. A great aspect of Canary is that it doesn’t necessarily look like a camera, which I think is great! It would be nice to have an option to modify the lights, especially so that they are not noticeable at night


I too would like to comment on that “ring of light”. I just purchased the Flex and was disappointed to see that you cannot disable the led ring. I guess I will have to follow your lead and cover the light with black electrical tape. Hoping Canary comes up with a better solution




Agreed. The light ring on Flex should be able to be turned off while on wall power.


In addition to being more visible than I’d like, I think the light on my camera also attracts insects so my night time timeline is full of bugs flying near the light.

I’ve also considered covering the IR because it illuminates the edge of the wall that the camera is mounted on and throws off the exposure for the entire image. It would be awesome if the software could dim static hot-spots to preserve shadow detail.


+1 Should be as stealthy as possible


From my perspective the status light should never be turned off. But it should be able to auto dim to a “barely visible but not annoying light level” during the night.


+1 for this.

The Canary’s light is surprisingly bright in a pitch black room.


I agree with you! This is the only thing I didn’t like about the Canary or Flex when I was doing research on which surveillance camera to purchase. I would love to put this in our front yard on the stake mount (facing our home) but am afriad it would be stolen. I really wanted the Arlo because it was stealthy outside at night but I needed something that didn’t have a hub that needed to be plugged in for internet. Canary-Please let us disable the light!


Agreed. Please Please get rid of this light! I have my original canary taped at the bottom but this doesn’t help with the IR lights. I want to put my new flex at my front door but anyone could walk up and just pull the camera off the magnetic mount. Defeats the entire purpose.


just another update!

My canary continues to be my eyes an ears as long as it remains “discrete” and I can hide the IR and ring lights.

the other day it caught my “friend” abusing/ torturing my 21 year old 8 lb. declawed cat!!! for about 20 mins total… i could hear it crying on the vid and see him shaking it and throwing kitty around, and by the tail and the neck! and something ot of the camera view but I could hear it… GRRRRR i’m shaking i’m sooo pissed!

will likely be pressing charges as in OR its a $500 fine And a FELONY!


Hi @rolling18,

I’m so sorry to hear this happened! That’s a horrible experience, and I sincerely hope your cat is doing better. I’m very glad that your Canary was able to help catch video of the event to aid you in court. If you need any assistance getting the video to police please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for help.


thankyou ! and ill definatly keep that in mind, I have already downloaded the videos (can’t watch) Great service!


Thanks to everyone for your feedback on this popular topic. A couple of questions where I’d love to get your input:

  1. One of the reasons we have the lights is to show you that your home is actively being protected by recording video (and for those of you in “privacy” - peace of mind that you’re not being recorded). Would you want to be able to have some way on the device to quickly check the operating state, like tapping the top button (Canary all-in-one) or pressing the back button (Canary Flex)?

  2. Would you want to be able to control the brightness level, or is just having the ability to turn the lights off the most important piece?



@andy this is a great point, I remember long long ago suggesting by email (I think?) that rather than it being a steady light that it just flashes once a minute or something along those lines (similar to what a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm does) as a way to indicate the status to users without making it too obvious. A slow glow on and off over 2 seconds for example might accomplish that. Alternatively, the idea to tape or press I think would be a great way to do it as well. A third option I can see and I think I would almost prefer above the other two would be a check status button in the app that you could press and it would indicate it on the device and then go off. (This would be especially useful for flex devices that are hard to reach). It’s similar to that of what Hue Lighting does with their lights (if you are in the settings and want to check which device your working on it has a “flash this light” option that allows you to see which exact bulb you’re working with. This would be the equivalent on that).

Off/On would definitely be my first choice, but brightness is also something that would be nice. It perhaps gives some users the ability to use the AIO as a small night light that you can set up as well.


I would very much prefer a quick and easy means of checking status via the app and have no visible indicator on the device. Status indicators on the home screen of the app, similar to the at-home/away indicators would be great. As security devices, I am much less concerned about privacy than I am knowing that the devices are working properly. Options to check status by observing a visible indicator or by touching a button on the device makes no sense to me because my primary interest in status will be when I’m away from where the devices are located.

I can understand why those that are primarily concerned about privacy would want a visible status indicator. However, I would prefer that there would be an option to disable/enable the visible status indicator in the settings for each device.

Also, regardless of whether or not the lighted ring on the Flex attracts insects, anything that could be done to minimize the number of events triggered by flying insects would be very welcomed. Every night I get an average of ten irrelevant events caused by insects flying by. I have set the notification level at 2, so I’m not constantly receiving notifications at night. However, I’m contemplating stopping my continued efforts to help the Canary algorithm learn what insects are via tagging ten or more irrelevant events each morning.