Canary needs to be more "stealthy" at night

Thanks for addressing this. I would prefer to have three options.

  1. Leave as is.
  2. Turn It on allow a slow flash when it recognizes people that have the app on their phones in the area.
  • Example…my daughter is home and she does not want me snooping so the Canary sees the phone and says you cannot disable the light when she is home but when she leaves it will go off and not come on for a Burglar.
  1. Make the lights not come on at all.

In my case #2 is preferred but #3 is also helpful.

My daughter uses the mobile Camera in her apartment to keep her roommates honest after one of them stole clothes in the past. It stays in the apartment when she comes home and keeps them hones t and they know it is there.

I also think the LED IR lights could be invisible like a remote controls.

I consider on/off control of the light essential especially for outdoor cameras

Have in a bedroom facing an entrance, not the beds. It’s important for it to be dark when sleeping, for the same reason we close the blinds, drapes etc…

This is a must - when will we get an update from Canary - this has been requeted for over 2 years

Dear Canary team,
I really can’t understand why it is so difficult to implement this. Nearly every other cam has it. You mentioned that there are users who want the light. That’t completely fine, nobody wants you to completely suppress it. We just want the option to do so because different people use the cam in different environments and under different circumstances. After 2 years please stop th ediscussion and just implement the option.


Just purchased Canary over “Ring” and now not sure it was so wise. I purchased the Canary because I thought it was more stealthy. Apparently I didn’t do enough research because the light does make the camera conspicuous. I would really love Canary to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Electrical tape seems not to be the best resolve, and this growing consumer concern really makes Canary seem deficient in such a high tech industry. Please resolve Canary, the whole point is to provide surveillance, and by it’s very own definition is: close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal. If our surveillance is observable, it’s not really functioning at it’s best performance level. Thank you, KJ

Is Canary ever going to fix this??

I’m think this is a physical design issue that cannot be fix with a simple software feature update. I’m sure Adam Sager and his team are aware of it, and I don’t necessarily blame them for not responding to this post. The consumer security camera market is exploding with competition. There is a non elegant solution to block the light by covering it with electrical tape. It’s not that difficult to do but it is disappointing knowing that all my Hubble Mororola camera have this option. Why do I want the light off? I’ve had my All In One for about a year, when I turned it on for the first time and saw this glowing light at the bottom I thought it was almost laughable for a security camera. Fast forward and electrical tape to the rescue. Just bought a Flex last month and installed it above the front door (no electrical tape). At night the light brightly reflects off the mist/fog so I will be taping it up as well. This light isn’t powerful enough to be helpful at this distance and only causes trouble. On a positive note, the cameras do perform very well and this is really the only painful issue I’ve experienced besides receiving a View that was DOA.

When will we have the option to turn the lights off? My wife does not like the white light on the canary. it gives her the sense she is being watched. Also when an intruder comes in the unit gets noticed. Not goog for security!!!

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It would be good if Canary would stop just merging the obviously numorous contributions to this topic but actually SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Every other cam has this function. It’s hard to believe that Canary can’t do it.

Hey @007,

Implementation of any new feature takes time and money. Although I agree that this would be a great addition, there is currently no announcements on that front.

I volunteer my time here and do my best to help keep things together so it is easier to manage and I am the one merging things together.

I have been using Canary cameras for my home for over two years. I have found it to be an awesome solution for a) security b) baby cam (just making sure she’s still asleep) c) pet cam d) being away from home anxiety. Of course there is a lot of room of improvement that I am assuming is not only difficult but costly (processing power) like Person presence recognition. There are others like controlling a) the status light to leave it turned off indefinitely (option in the app) b) manually control night vision through the app on each cam. These options should not involve more than a couple of programming hours and testing. It’s silly it has not been implement as of now, because apparently most other camera systems already have these controls. I don’t have any intention to let a burglar know where the cam is, while others would think it could scare them off. Let us decide !! Take a look at competing camera systems and they are being pretty aggressive with big discounts and awesome specs.

I agree with the points raised in this topic. But I am very doubtful of future developments as it has been very quiet at Canary. There have been no (even small) firmware upgrades in a while and also no (CES) announcements regarding future or ongoing developments. I hope Canary will continue development and support of their products as well as implementing (small) changes as requested in this topic. Maybe something ‘big’ is coming like Arlo and others still supporting their ‘older’ products…

Judging from the history of this subject and the lack of response from Canary, I’m not hopeful. I think that both lights should be controlled by the user software. I have 2 Canary Flex, which in general work pretty good, especially considering the price I paid. However, both of the are located inside of windows as power and wireless signal are issues. The outside areas are lit so I do not néed night vision and the white ring is a dead giveaway to intruders. You better start listening Canary. There are a considerable number of reasons for this change and you are not responding.

+1 I would like this feature. Canary - can you reply with an ETA?

I’m just curious as to why you needed something without a hub? Just thought I might be able to help you.

I personally use the device for security while I am away.
One way of thinking is that bringing notice to the device is a deterrent.
I don’t see it that way. I want to know what’s going on in my home and chose to do so in a stealthy way. My device. My choice.
Canary may be dealing with privacy issues so my suggestion is black electrical tape :).
Just a suggestion to others.

I just bought 3 products last week on the heels of my children having a Memorial Day party while my wife and I were out of town. So yes, I want stealth not only for the burglars, intruders and bad people. I set my sleep time for for midnight and had to laugh the next morning as my daughter shuts off the kitchen light at 12:30 AM and sees the light come on. She takes a picture of it and is taking to a friend asking her what it is?

I know I am late on this post, but I still see my brand new unit lighting up like a Christmas tree so I can assume nothing has changed. Shame on me for not doing the research, but I am hoping there is a release that is now planned that can help? We are in June of 2020 at this point and I am $300 invested…

Hi @mscalia,

There is now a Dim LED light feature built into the Canary app. There’s currently no function to disable the lights however.

From the Canary app:

  1. Hit the burger (three lines) in the top right
  2. Click Device Settings
  3. Select the device
  4. Enable “Dim LED Lights”
  5. Return to the previous menu

Personally, I can also add that if you wish to disable them entirely, black electrical tape works great. Before this feature was available I covered the lights on the bottom with pieces of tape and this worked perfectly for me. Just remember that you taped it if you need to troubleshoot down the road! I know this is only a workaround for your issue, but I can attest that it does work!