Canary needs to be more "stealthy" at night


As a temporary solution I just took some black electrical tape and placed it over the ring to cover it up, that way if there is an issue I can simply remove the tape to see the light indicator and the electrical tape covered up the light so where you cannot see it… a little “value engineering” as I like to call it :wink:


I have my flex plugged in 24x7 since I have read about battery issues when not plugged in, the white ring light and little red dot light in the middle are on all the time. When I am in home mode I have it record mode and notifications on.

Having the light always on kinda brings attention to the camera and makes it obvious that it is recording. There should be an option to turn it off for plugged in mode.


Since I purchased the (two) Canary cameras around 15 months ago I have had thick black tape covering the lower status light. To me this light is simply an alert to any intruder and, therefore, almost defeats and certainly compromises the purpose of the cameras.

For me, there should be an option to turn the status lights off completely. If others want a dimming option then this should also be added.


Merge of two similar topics to this feature request.


I agree with this entirely. I have two Nest Cams and one Canary and the nest cams can be completely stealth with no light showing at night either. This may as well jump around saying “look! You’re being filmed!!” At night it looks really imposing and obvious with the infra red lights and the bottom light.

I realise that now it’s made the infra red part won’t be able to change but I always have the nest cam lights off - I use the camera in a business to make sure nobody steals anything while I’m out of the room but I don’t want my customers to feel uncomfortable and so having a discreet camera is essential for me. I don’t want the light on at the bottom. Much better to be able to catch burglars too if they don’t know they are being filmed.


Totally agree. I am a system integrator and have never had a customer say make sure the robbers know where the cameras are so they can spray paint, take, or bash them. The only ones we have an active light on are the fake ones for an employee watched area. We also supply our own invisible 940nm IR illuminators away from the camera because of bug attraction and reflection. You light the area being monitored. This is a standard feature in most cameras. Hey and btw it will also save power on battery mode. Otherwise love the product for the price point. Always room for improvements. As far as knowing it’s working turn on the notices. Battery low, signal loss, all can send notice, even offline. No need for a light.


We also supply our own invisible 940nm IR illuminators away from the camera because of bug attraction and reflection.

Do the invisible IR illuminators work with Canary Flex?

+1 vote for being able to disable the LED ring. I’m happy to even disable the visible IR if I can supplement with my own invisible illuminator.

And am I the only one that wants this thing to shoot lasers at the people breaking into my car? Only when plugged in, of course.


If cameras are placed strategically, discomfort shouldn’t be an issue. Some states require signs alerting surveillance use. With surveillance in general I think people get used to it. I did.


So I can see that this thread has been going for 10 months or so. Are there any plans to add the feature to allow us to turn off the ‘halo’ so we can monitor people breaking into our homes without their knowledge?


The bright light is something I think should be controllable. I would be in favor of being able to control brightness from 100% down to 0% for the status light.


All of the above PLEASE!!! Lol…I have mine pointed down on my sports car in the parking lot of an apartment complex in a shady neighborhood. The last thing I want is to draw attention to it and have the neighbors ticked off that I’m recording the goings on around my building. If I use battery I lose too much video!! Taping it should not even be a necessary option when you have the easy potential to just add the features!!


+1 for the light removal.

  • 1 for light control - even going down to 10% would be an improvement but on the flex especially this halo is unnecessarily bright when the flex is tucked into a dark corner. having an indicator light could just be a small red led not a whacking bright white halo.- and once seen the device is so easily pulled off its mount and tossed.

I can see that on one I put next to the front door and have 2 way conversations with a halo is ok , but please please make this controllable.



I agree with this, completely! Arlo Pro Camera and Nest Cam Outdoor are both stealth products that, unfortunately, exceed Canary in this aspect. This needs to be addressed real quick since Canary attracts too much attention!


It appears that everyone is requesting to have the ability to turn off the bright white status light on the cameras. I can’t deploy the Flex as needed with the status light as it’s too bright. I noticed that some users were using electrical tape to sidestep the issue. Is there any response from Canary on this issue?


Most night vision cameras have visible IR’s unless you are paying in the hundreds. But, I do agree, the illuminated ring needs to go.


Well this topic has been a disappointment. Nearly a year of discussion and no real address by Canary. The light is a deal breaker for me on both my all-in-one and two flex cameras . And with no apparent fix in the work I guess I will be returning them, deactivating my membership and looking at other options. It’s a shame, these are great cameras with this single exception. Seems over a one year period of being the largest single concern in the community forums that it would have been addressed. Seems like a simple fix. I have a few days in which to decide to return them. Would love to hear a reason from Canary not too in that time.


My problem is, that bugs tend to fly towards the light and I get unnecessary notifications. A way to disable the light at night would be nice. The invisible IR would be neat too. Some times mine swap to night mode at different times and if another one sees the IR’s come on, it sees it as motion and sends a notification.


Canary Team,

I am a new user and the inability to turn off the light is a tremendous oversight. This topic appears to be THE most requested feature and is now a year old. Is it even possible for Canary to make this update with the current hardware and if so, when?


since posting this over a year ago, I have bought another canary!
everything is still working great.

the canaries continue to give away their location so I continue to have to use tape to cover the IR and status lights. and basic “included” service has been diminished.

never thought this subject would turn into what it has! and the lack of response from Canary is saddening.