Canary needs to be more "stealthy" at night


I have just bought into the system and I entirely agree with your comment about the lights. It seems ridiculous to have lights drawing attention to the units when the aim is for them to be ‘covert’. Is anything going to be done about this. I note this comment was first made in Dec 16!!


I too have taped over the status ring. I used masking tape, a couple of layers, so the light is muted but not totally gone.
The red IR lights are a different story. The camera is infrared sensitive, NOT low-light. So it needs some illumination, from somewhere. If it doesn’t come from the camera because you taped over it, then it has to come from somewhere else.
You can buy IR illuminators. They look like LED spotlights, plug into AC. They can be positioned in a different location than the camera. The IR illuminator will still be visible as a red light at night, but in a different location than the camera. Might be enough to fool/confuse someone who didn’t know what was going on.


AGREED. Every time I check on my daughter, I see her staring directly at the light. I also purchased a ‘smart outlet’ that allows me to turn the device on and off from my phone. This also needs to be a feature. Less amazon alexa options, more abilities to control the device from the app please !


I think being able to turn the indicator lights on/off is a must for people that want to use the Flex or View as baby monitors.

Lacking that option was the only reason I used a different camera for both of my girls’ rooms.


This is really annoying. The only reason why I will not buy any more units. I was really hoping a simple software update would correct this.
No response from Canary?


On or off would also be my first choice. I purchased both the All-in-One and two Flexes knowing that this was a common complaint in reviews, but didn’t realize the extent of the problem until I set the devices up. I’m also truly disheartened that this has apparently been a known issue for so long and nothing has apparently been done about it. It seems as though this would be an exceptionally easy fix. I work in law enforcement and have never seen a surveillance system that so obviously announces its location. I just purchased the system and will give it a fair shot, but a return seems likely given the lack of movement towards a fix over such a long period of time.


See this topic started in December 2016!!!

Has anything been done to fix this? Only just got my Flex today and it looks like it is going to get returned if this feature isn’t available. Why someone would want a security camera that flashes like a lighthouse when its pretty easy to steal, is beyond me.

Can anyone shed any light on an update?



Can we watch a live video on Home Mode while being discreet? I do like checking on my kid at home but I do not want to let them know that I am watching? SO can we turn off the light at the bottom??


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I bought my canary flex last night and sad to say will be returning because of the lights. WAKE UP Canary People!!! You’ll be out of business soon if you don’t listen to your customers!!!


+1 disable the light ring and allow infra red to be disabled in app. Sad to see lack of support from Canary & don’t get me started about the app not working with IOS 12


It was May of 2017 when I made my first comments here on the need to have the option to turn off the light ring on the Flex. I use my two Flex units outdoors and my only complaint is that the light ring attracts insects. Since the light ring serves no other purpose in my application, I would like to eliminate the nuisance recordings and alert notifications caused by insects in flight and particularly those resulting from spiders that recognize the light ring as ideal bait for their webs.

Last night’s activity has prompted me to comment again on this. As you will see below, there were numerous events, most of which resulted in alert notifications, caused by rain water collecting on a new spider web. Please note that this camera is set to “send alerts for people only”.


I full yagree with this post. Especially number 2 (an option to turn off the status light) should be easily doable by a software fix. If so many people believe that feature makes sense, can the Canary please explain why this is still not actioned upon?


As far as I understood there is no option to switch off the white light notifying of live stream. For a security device it is not too helpful if the camera draws the attention to itself when I am viewing the live stream.

Could you please add an option to switch of this white light.


Disable notification light at the bottom of Canary "all-in-ones"

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Please implement this as an option Canary.

Sidenote: I see the release notes for firmware version 4 mention “Minor adjustments to the lights and sounds of all Canary devices.” Has anyone noticed any difference to the lights?


Thanks for addressing this. I would prefer to have three options.

  1. Leave as is.
  2. Turn It on allow a slow flash when it recognizes people that have the app on their phones in the area.
  • Example…my daughter is home and she does not want me snooping so the Canary sees the phone and says you cannot disable the light when she is home but when she leaves it will go off and not come on for a Burglar.
  1. Make the lights not come on at all.

In my case #2 is preferred but #3 is also helpful.

My daughter uses the mobile Camera in her apartment to keep her roommates honest after one of them stole clothes in the past. It stays in the apartment when she comes home and keeps them hones t and they know it is there.

I also think the LED IR lights could be invisible like a remote controls.


I consider on/off control of the light essential especially for outdoor cameras


Have in a bedroom facing an entrance, not the beds. It’s important for it to be dark when sleeping, for the same reason we close the blinds, drapes etc…