Canary needs to be more "stealthy" at night


This is a must - when will we get an update from Canary - this has been requeted for over 2 years


Dear Canary team,
I really can’t understand why it is so difficult to implement this. Nearly every other cam has it. You mentioned that there are users who want the light. That’t completely fine, nobody wants you to completely suppress it. We just want the option to do so because different people use the cam in different environments and under different circumstances. After 2 years please stop th ediscussion and just implement the option.



Just purchased Canary over “Ring” and now not sure it was so wise. I purchased the Canary because I thought it was more stealthy. Apparently I didn’t do enough research because the light does make the camera conspicuous. I would really love Canary to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Electrical tape seems not to be the best resolve, and this growing consumer concern really makes Canary seem deficient in such a high tech industry. Please resolve Canary, the whole point is to provide surveillance, and by it’s very own definition is: close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal. If our surveillance is observable, it’s not really functioning at it’s best performance level. Thank you, KJ