Canary not detecting movement in away mode


I find it kind of disturbing that the canary did not notify me when I left and and came home after I put the canary in away mode. I walked right in front of the camera about 3 times no detection. I already had to return 1 canary due to a faulty battery but I’m beginning to think this whole thing is a sham and the product is nowhere near ready to be out in stores.


Hi @Jeyla,

I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had such a frustrating experience with your Canary. It’s difficult for me to understand exactly what may have happened here without a great deal more detail about the situation. Would you mind opening a ticket with our support team? They can look more closely at your account and talk more about the specifics of your situation to try and determine how to correct this.


Sure that would be great. Another issue was today 5/30 a delivery was made to my front door where the camera is facing and I received no such notification or recording of this event.