Canary not resetting Password. Any help? 2 Days waiting for help already


Canary wont take password reset. Tried 10 times yesterday. Tried today still not working. Canary Rep still has not corrected situation day 2.[quote=“adamcheung, post:1, topic:1719, full:true”]
I’ve had my 2 Canary Flexes for 3 months now. Keep going through hard resets and connecting to the 2.4GHz wifi (as per the initial customer support rep) and still having major issues in battery mode when not connected to power:

  1. It almost never works when the Canary Flex is asleep and I try to wake it up via the android app.
  2. It almost never works when “connected” when I hit Watch Live (see attached screenshot). It just hangs on the Loading Stream page. You can see I have an extremely strong wifi signal in the picture.
  3. The only time I can connect via the app to Watch Live is when the camera detects motion, it sends me an alert and then I can view what is going on at that moment. Eventually, it will go back into battery standby mode and the issues above come back.
  4. Still no two way audio enabled (this and the wireless battery functionality were the ONLY reasons I chose this camera at the time). It’s kind of false advertising to sell something that isn’t available.

For the record, since I bought the Canary Flexes, I’ve also bought a pair of Arlo Pro cameras as well and they have no issue connecting. The camera just works, the app works and it’s all wireless.

I wish I could send these Flexes back for a refund but I only had 30 days for a return from Amazon and I put too much faith in your product and support team.

Complete waste of $400 just sitting there doing nothing.




You may need some back end support, but can you confirm a few things for me?

  1. What iOS or Android Version are you using?
  2. What phone are you using?
  3. What firmware is your Canary device running?
  4. What Canary App version are you running?