Canary 'Off Line'


All 3 canary devices went off line this week. Two devices have solid white light and one has solid red. I’ve powered down the modem and restarted, powered down the wifi extender and restarted, wifi is working, powered down each canary device and tried to pair again - nothing happens. I have emailed Canary Support and waiting for a response - any thoughts?


Hmm, that’s a little weird that all would go down together if you’re not having any other problems with your WiFi.

Have you tried re-pairing any single device? Does that fix it? If so, I would suggest trying to do that with the remainder of the devices.

The issue sounds like it is connectivity issues, so my best bet would be to reset the Canaries, reset the WiFi, start from scratch and see if that works. Otherwise, great that you connect with Support, I am sure they will get back to you shortly as well!


My canary Flex is Off line also. It is plugged in because my battery is not charging. The only way I can get it to come back online, I have to unplug the USB power cord put it back in then it will work for a few minutes through the App “watch Live” after that it goes off line again. This is becoming very frustrating. Any solutions?


Hey @tony535,

This is after you have removed the device and re-paired it with your account and app?


This sounds unusual, and I’d recommend contacting our support team so they can look at your account and discuss specific details of your situation. Feel free to share what helps here once they help you find a resolution!


Mine has been offline for three days now. I have tried everything to get it back online as well.


Would you mind providing a little more information about what you’ve tried? What does the light on the bottom of the unit do when you plug it in? Are you getting any error messages when trying to reconnect? Any additional detail you can provide will help me diagnose what’s going on with your Canary :slight_smile:


I cannot find the link but I followed a document on your site about what to check if you cannot connect to the Canary. Normal stuff like: reset your router, turn off and back on, press and hold the top of the Canary… It was a check list and I don’t feel like duplicating that list here is useful.

I even followed a request from another post:

Nothing happened. The solid white light came on after like it is now and nothing else.

When I plug in the unit the white light on the bottom turns on and stays solid forever…

No. The phone acts like the device is not responding.
Since nothing happens when I touch the top of the unit I would expect this.

Not much detail to give. The unit sits there, does nothing, responds to nothing, just give me a white light under it. I guess you could call it a useless lamp.

I have opened a ticket but only got back a response of:

Thanks for getting in touch with Canary. Your request has been received and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are currently experiencing delays in email response due to high volume.

So, the Canary sits in the corner doing nothing. At least the Canary Flex on the front door still works.


Hi @GaryFDes,

Thank you for that additional information. This is something that will be best handled through email directly, so I’m going to go ahead and respond to the ticket you submitted earlier. Keep an eye out for my response in the next few minutes.


I just started having this exact problem today. All three of my canaries are down, either flashing red or white, with no other WiFi devices having issues. Rebooting and re-attaching to the wireless network doesn’t help. Any thoughts?


You might need to try powercycling your wireless router. To do this, just unplug it for one minute, then plug it back in and give it a few minutes to reconnect. Check and see if your Canary cameras reconnect after trying this.


Hi everybody, you may know this by now but the reason for loss of connectivity is likely to be the amazon outage. I had the same thing but noticed that although amazon services are back I had to delete the device and start again. There might be a better solution?


Issues related to the Amazon S3 outage were resolved back on February 28th, so you shouldn’t be experiencing any related connection problems anymore. We also wouldn’t typically recommend removing and reinstalling a Canary to resolve connection issues. Are you still having problems with your Canary staying online? You might want to check out these Help Center articles for troubleshooting advice:

Why is my Canary offline?

How can I improve my Canary’s connection?

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


So you have no answers


Hey @vicv,

I’m a little confused. Are you currently having a problem with your Canary? If so, can you go into more detail about what you’re experiencing? I’m happy to help but right now I’m not quite clear on what the situation is :slight_smile:


Same problem for me.
I’ve just bought a Canary all in one. The first setub went ok, then it blocks with white solid light and appears offline.
I’ve tried to wait, than to disconnect from the power for a while, than to delete the device and restart it but it does not work: the bluetooth does not start touching the top of the Canary and nothing works if I try to set it up with the cable.
I’ve tried also to reset it using the button under the device, but also in this case nothing is happened: white solid light and no reaction.


Hi @Gabriele,

I’m sorry to hear it’s giving you so much trouble! This sounds like something our support team may need to work with you directly on. I see that you’ve already submitted a ticket. Someone will be in touch soon with next steps to get your Canary up and running.


Hi Angie
What would you recommend if canary loses connection and won’t pair. Wifi okay, phone Bluetooth okay. Canary blue light comes on but doesn’t respond beyond that?


I took a look at your account and it looks like your Canary is online now, but getting a very weak Wi-Fi signal. I think you may have it a bit too far from the router. If it goes offline, unplugging the Canary and the router for a minute might help refresh and stabilize the signal between the two and bring it back online, but at that distance it’s likely to keep going offline.

I’d recommend moving the Canary a little closer if you can, or investing in a wireless extender or booster to try and improve the signal in the area where you have your Canary installed.


Hey thanks Angie, that was very cool. I’m impressed :blush: