Canary Offline on Ethernet and WiFi. Support is useless 💩


My Canary cameras are 3 months ago started going offline in the app and refusing to re-connect even if powered down and restarted. My first idea was is it a WiFi issue? So I started with the basic channel adjustments as well as adjusting the positions TalkTalk hub to hopefully fix the issue but unfortunately this did not help.

My ISP contract was due to end so I switched to BT FTTC 80/20 which I get the full sync rate including the new BT Smart Hub. I experienced the exact same issues with my new ISP as with my previous ISP so next I connected as many of the Canary AIO devices by ethernet (and going into the app changing the connection to ethernet on each AIO device) assuming still this was a WiFI issue… nope even over ethernet they were still not able to connect to Canary cloud (this was being shown due to how the light on the Canary device was showing and in the app as showing offline - even unplugging the camera to restart it did not help).

What is strange that they were not going offline all at once, it would be maybe 1 or two at a time and it would be random both effecting the Flex and AIO devices. Eventually after a few hours they would re connect (ISP connection is up and running perfectly no other devices apart from the Canarys were experiencing this issue) so next I figured get rid of the BT Smart Hub and run my own equipment just incase.

So I setup a PFSense (2.4.x) firewall/router running bare metal on a Dell r210 connected to my ISP with a Draytek 130 FTTC modem and I used the Netgear ORBI AC3000 devices (4 of them placed around my hope to gain better speeds to all cameras and devices) I had full WiFi coverage with consistent stable speeds and pings all around my home. I found the speeds to be more stable and had more control over my network and connected devices, great! I figured hopefully this would solve the issue. 48 hours in I was still experiencing the exact same issues with he devices so this completely rules out it being my equipment.

To add to the ISP, I’ve had a BT Openreach engineer out to test my line from my home to the PCP and the PCP back to my home and it was “the best line he had seen in a while.” He went through everything behind my setup, configured IPv6 on the PFsense server for me to see if that would help. He did multiple checks on the speed and pings even to Phoenix, AZ which were very stable and were under 100ms which is great being in the UK. He confirmed that I have absolutely no issues my end and that it must be the manufacture at fault.

At this time I was in contact with Netgear support for them to hopefully find an issue with the ORBI devices, we tried everything from custom firmware supplied by their techs to gain more in depth logs as well as changed made to help connections for IP type cameras. This showed that the Canary devices were staying connected to WiFi and ethernet so this meant that the connection between the Canary devices and the Phoenix, AZ servers is the issue.

I made Canary aware through support who put the issue to the ORBI’s and was blaming them for the problems with no investigations, I played along and have been very patient trying everything I could in the meantime and keeping them updating on what changes were being made. I tried everything from the BT Smart Hub to the PFSense Dell and changing the software to OPNSense, which didn’t help either so I went back to PFSense.

I was told that they would try and setup contact between me and the “engineers” but as this is not something that is regularly done, it might not happen. Four weeks later I’ve been told that the issue is with the ORBI’s (even though proving that it isn’t anything on my side) and that Canary would no longer be providing support to me for this issue. What a joke.

I’ve jumped through hoops, whilst spending lots of time and money trying to resolve this whilst Canary has just blamed the Orbi’s which weren’t even purchased when I first started experiencing these issues.

I’m looking to replace the system ASAP as I can no longer trust Canary to provide the security that they claim on their buggy devices. I’m sorry to leave but after 2 years with Canary with a full subscription on all 7 of my cameras throughout, I’m very disappointed that the support is next to useless and are refusing to acknowledge a fault that I’m not only having (look through the community forums and do a Google Search)

I think Canary have grew too fast and don’t have the infrastructure to run all customers cameras, as they used to work great and now they’re overpriced paperweights. I wish I went with an more established competitor or setup my own local NVR.

My subscription is being cancelled and the cameras are to be binned asap. I’m hoping in the meantime of saving up for another camera system Canary will actually look into the issue but I’m not holding my breath.

If you’re reading this and considering getting a Canary device, I’d do some research before buying in on Canary as I’m not the only customer experiencing this.


I’ve had one camera offline for weeks, I’m about a week from the unit being out of warranty and customer service are just messing me around to avoid replacing it, any surprise as I cancelled my annual account???