Canary Pro, Flex, View - 5.2.0 Release Notes

Hi everyone,

Today we released a new version of firmware, v5.2.0, for all Canary devices. This firmware is being rolled out to our customer base in stages. This firmware update addresses the following:

  • Fixed a bug where humidity could be displayed greater than 100%. Set max relative humidity to 100% (Canary Pro)
  • Improved management of video stack (all devices)
  • Addressed memory issues (all devices)
  • Other general bug fixes and stability improvements

If you would like to have your devices updated to this firmware now, you can contact our support team by sending an email to with subject: “Firmware Update”, and include the serial number for your devices in the body of the email. Once this email is received our team will push out the update and respond with confirmation once completed.



Thanks Sean, good to hear bug fix releases are still happening.

Is there any new feature development taking place or any plans to start it again?

This is great news. Canary is awesome! My 5 units have been running flawlessly.

Good news, thank you for the information.

:laughing: when was the last new functionality?