Canary Pro, Flex, View - 5.3.0 Release Notes

Hello all,

We recently release a new firmware, v5.3.0, for all Canary devices. This firmware is being rolled out to our customer base in stages. This firmware update addresses the following:

  • Dim Status LED Support
  • Microphone Muting Support (requires the latest mobile app version)
  • Video Rotation Support (Flex only)
  • Person Detection Improvements
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know!



Looking forward to seeing this and testing it on my devices!

One of my flex cameras has been saying “update in progress” for several days now (the other has already updated). Is this expected?

I had a similar issue with one of my flex cameras and contacted Canary. They advised me to power cycle my Canary and bring it closer to the router and they would push the update again.

Hey @sipuncher,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. I just took a look and it shows that your flex devices are currently updated to the most recent firmware. Are you still seeing the “updat in progress” message on your end?

Hi Sean,

No it’s updated itself in the app for me now too a couple of days ago thanks.

Hello I have 4 canaries that have not been able to connect ever since I upgraded my 2Ghz router. It has been 10 hours and all 4 canaries say “update in progress” this is so tiring and frustrating.

Hi Sean!

I contacted support (Ellie) but they were unable to help. My canary view basically was bricked updating to the latest firmware. Can you please email me the firmware or tell me how to go about fixing this? The camera was fine until the update wouldn’t take. My other two Canary cameras are fine!

Hey @brennanrp,

I would recommend that you continue to speak with Canary Support directly, however, I will tag @maciej And @Sean To see if they can check in on your support request.

Hey guys, new to the community.

I own 3 flex cameras and an original classic that I’ve had from the very beginning (still going strong)

I was a long time free user and when I got the flex cameras I decided to become a paid premium user and finally support canary for the many years of wonderful service.

Recently I’ve noticed that my recordings are delayed by 20 minutes. My main recording camera is in my driveway. It’s there to detect trespassers and to protect my vehicle from break in’s or theft.

This concerns me… is there any reason this would be happening? I have great wifi around the house and have only recently been experiencing this issue.

Hey @brennanrp,

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. Very sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with your one Canary device. I can see our support team is working on setting up a call to work through the next steps. I’m confident they’ll be able to work to a solution with you, but don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can answer.


Hey @joseprofet,

I’m not aware of any specific known issues that would be causing this issue. We have had some minor service interruptions that could have played a part recently ( Do the dates/times listed here match what you were seeing?

Additionally I’d recommend contacting our support team as they’ll be the best to help diagnose the issue ( Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the service overall, we’ll do everything we can to restore the service you have enjoyed over the years.


Not having a good day… I’ve deleted the app a few times. Not sure what’s going on but now I’m not getting any motion alerts or any recordings. I’ll give it a day and see if things sort out on their own. The delayed notifications had gotten better after my last message… I was happy lol

Let’s see what happens.

How will I know if my Flex is affected by this? I cannot “watch live” on my Android OS 10 but I can on my child’s android OS 6.0.1. Is this related? I sent a help ticket but haven’t heard anything about my issue.

Sean, unfortunately support cannot help me. Can you escalate this and have a replacement unit sent? I understand the unit is out of warranty, but the automatic update is what bricked my device. I did not even chose to update it, but it was done automatically.

Just a quick update on my issues above… everything is working well again. Alerts and recording is on point.

I still get a random disconnect on the original device. It’s an older wifi module in the original canary system I believe, and only 2.4ghz.

Overall I’m satisfied. Thank you.

Hey @brennanrp, sorry to hear our support team was unable to find a resolution for you. I’ll follow-up on your support ticket to see what we can do.

@joseprofet - Glad to hear you were able to resolve the majority of your issues! Wi-fi connectivity can definitely be a difficult item to troubleshoot due to all of the different variable that can impact the Wi-Fi strength to your Canary. Have you had a chance to work with our support team on this? We do also have this Help Center article (How can I improve my Canary’s connection?) that may have some additional steps for you to try.

Having a loud high pitch noise coming from the device how to stop it?

Put a 24 hours record option on these cameras so they actually work. How are these supposed to record a break in when they don’t even record human beings or vehicles?