Canary Pro Sound

I just bought the Canary Pro. My parents have the older model and it works perfect. No strange sound happening. I’ve had a cheap Yi Security Camera that I didn’t like and it didn’t make any sound on the footage. But when I’m using the Canary Pro I get a weird static or rolling sound.

I’ve already got a replacement. What can this be?

@astraith, I haven’t heard of any reports like this before on the communities here. Can you possibly provide a clip so we can take a listen and see what might be causing it? I know with my own devices it does pick up sounds from around the device - fans, AC, heaters, etc. all emit sounds that we sort of tune out but may be more prominent on a recording.

Could you also confirm that you are using the original included charging cable, wall charger, and that it is not through an extension cable? Interference could be occurring through that power line (not something I have ever seen happen with a Canary device, but it is something I have seen with other recording devices).

Here is a sample. It’s two, one from my new unit. There is sound happening in the back ground but nothing that would cause that static. But it’s harder to hear because of the background sound. The red part is actually from my first unit. The red was just because of a weird bleed from a red curtain from the back of the canary and being in night mode.

I am using the original plug which is plugged directly into the outlet, and i even tried both the first and second one.

I also included a second youtube link for the Yi sample video. The sound is turned on that one.

Does this occur in recorded clips in the Canary app as well? To me this sounds like feedback that occurs when the Watch Live is enabled and sound is coming out of your computer and fed back to the Canary.

If it still occurs in recorded clips, I’d recommend submitting a ticket to Canary to see about getting a more formal response or fix.