Canary Recording when set to Record Nothing


Three of my Canary’s are recording constantly even though all of them are set to Record Nothing. If I turn off Watch Live, then they stop recording. When Watch Live is enabled, regardless of how I set the recording, the lights on all of them in synch turn on for 10 seconds, off for 3 seconds… in a never ending cycle. At night, this on/off cycle of the lights results in the IR sensors turning on/off at same time creating a click from all of the cameras every 13 seconds (VERY Annoying). For the recordings, this on/off also creates a break in the recordings breaking up audio.


Do you have Night Mode enabled or scheduled?


Night mode is scheduled.


Could this be your issue?

I would try disabling this to see if it solves the issue. If so, I would recommend resetting the devices and resetting your schedule.