Canary says notifications sent, but none received!


Canary automatically switched into “Away” mode this morning when every member set up in our system left the house. My mother-in-law and younger daughter (who are not set up as members) are still at my house as we are having new furniture delivered this morning. I just checked my Timeline, and there are numerous motion-triggered videos that have been recorded due to my MIL and daughter walking around the house. Every recorded video has the little “running man” icon in the lower right corner indicating a notification was sent. However, I have not received a single notification on my iPhone running the latest 2.4 Canary app. My iPhone is on. All notifications for Canary are enabled. The volume is turned all the way up. It is not in “vibrate/silence” mode. The app is open and running in the background. And my phone indicates it has a strong cellular signal. Yet, I still have not received a single notification.

My Timeline in the app shows 6 videos that have been recorded in “Away” mode over the past hour with notifications sent. I have not received any of those notifications. Any idea why I would not be getting alerts on my phone?


After I checked my Timeline from work and realized my AIOs had switched to “Away” mode and were recording every activity and supposedly sending out notifications, I manually switched it to “Home” mode. I figured there was no reason for the system to be notifying about every movement since I know who is at my house and what they are up to.

I left it in “Home” mode for only a few minutes and then thought better of it. Given the fact that I’m having an issue with not receiving any notifications, I decided to switch it back to “Away” mode and let the system send out notifications for every movement. I want to test if anything has changed, and if I will now start getting the notifications.

I still have not received one notification. This is NOT good! I’ve only had these units two days. If the system is already malfunctioning and not properly sending out notifications, it is absolutely no good to me! I NEED to receive these notifications when the system is in “Away” mode!


Okay, I finally just NOW received my first notification. However, it wasn’t for any of the prior events this morning for which Canary says it sent notifications. It was for the most recent new motion-triggered event after I switched the system back to “Away” mode. So, hopefully, switching from “Away” to “Home” and back to “Away” helped “wake up” the system and make the notifications work.

Reviewing my timeline, I have 7 motion-triggered videos all with the notification icon on them:

8:12 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent but not received)
8:23 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent but not received)
8:33 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent but not received)
8:43 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent but not received)
8:53 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent but not received)

9:00 am - "Robb set Canary to home mode"
9:12 am - "Activity detected in home mode"
9:14 am - “Robb set Canary to away mode”

9:14 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent but not received)
9:24 am - “Activity detected in away mode” (notification sent and received)

It is only this last event at 9:24 am for which I have received an actual notification on my iPhone. Interesting side note, for the first time since I set up my Canary system, the notification actually indicated which AIO unit had the triggered event (i.e. Living Room). All prior notifications only indicated there was “Activity detected in away mode.”

Another interesting thing I notice from this timeline of events is that all the triggered events appear to happen in 10-minute increments. If there is frequent movement at my home, does the Canary system limit itself to how frequently it will trigger an event and record video? If so, what happens if a criminal breaks into my home 6 minutes after a prior triggered event and exits before the next 10-minute increment?


Hi @RobbW,

This sounds like a very unusual situation. If you’re still having an issue receiving alerts, I would recommend deleting the app from your phone completely, rebooting the phone, then reinstalling and signing back in. This article also goes into more detail about different things which can affect receiving notifications:

Why don’t I receive notifications from Canary?

If you’re continuing to experience strange behavior from notifications past this, I’d recommend submitting a ticket to our support team so they can look more closely at the details of your account and try to determine what the issue is.

To answer your question about the 10 minute increments, your Canary will always record all motion detected when set to Away mode. The recording will be split into 10 minute video clips, but the full event will be recorded and playable. To avoid spamming you repeatedly with alerts for the same event, we will space out notifications approximately every 10 minutes. I hope this clarifies things!


Thank you very much for your response, @angie! At this time, I am properly receiving the notifications. So, it appears to be working correctly now. And thank you for the explanation about the 10-minute video thing. That puts my mind at ease.


I’ve had this problem for months now. Worked perfectly for the first 9 or 10 months of ownership, now I never get notifications. On my timeline, it randomly will show the “notification sent” image, but very inconsistently and never do I get one on my phone. I’ve contacted tech support several times, only to be told it’s a known problem. How hard can this be to fix? What is the point of the camera if it won’t notify you?


I have the same problem. I deleted that app and added it again. I had an ex in my house and it didn’t notify me. He was there picking up his things and my roommate let him in. I had no knowledge of it until after I saw his things were gone and checked the timeline. It said notification sent but no chirp.