Canary still not working after recent service problems

A service interruption was reported at on August 26th, with the following update posted on the 28th:

“Currently, a few users are still experiencing difficulties impacting password resets, mode changes and updates to their settings. Our engineering team is working tirelessly on a solution for those experiencing the issue. Our heartfelt apologies from the team at Canary.”

According to the same page, this issue has now been resolved, however I am still experiencing the same issues, which started at that time. This includes the Canary not recognising when I’m home, and being unable to manually switch modes - I get a message saying, ‘Oops! Access denied’.

After failing to resolve this problem via a support chat, Canary suggested I should buy a new Canary (with a small discount) as it is out of warranty! This is extraordinary, given that their own service issue appears to have caused the problem. And they now expect me to pay to fix it?

Is anyone else having similar issues? I hope Canary will respond appropriately, realise that they haven’t fixed this service issue after all, and take steps to resolve it. An apology for suggesting I should buy a new Canary would also be appreciated, assuming for the moment that this was a mistake by their customer service team and isn’t the line they are taking.