Canary thinks I'm away


I’ve had this issue of Canary (AIO) can’t seem to keep up with the 2 members associated with the device. One is an android, and another is an Apple phone.

When the iphone comes or goes, Canary doesn’t recognize the phone is home. For the android phone, it could be home for some time and all of a sudden Canary thinks it is away from home. I set Canary to private if either phone is home, so when it alerts “activity at home” while I’m home I get irritated.

This issue has happened before and I was given all the settings to confirm, and ultimately told to delete the app and reinstall. This issue “seems” to have surfaced again after the latest Canary release/upgrade. So double checking my settings (which had not changed) and then deleting the app and reinstalling I thought I was good to go. In fact, all seemed well for a couple/few days until today! Now for no good reason it thinks the android is coming and going and still will not recognize the iphone being home for the last 3 hours!

I’m pretty close to looking for alternatives. Any new suggestions to make the product work consistently for my android and iphone?


I just went through an aggravating issue that is vaguely similar to what you are experiencing. Canary always thought my daughter was home no matter where she was. If she was at school, her grandparents’ house, the mall, wherever. It would always show her at home, and therefore, never auto-change the mode from Home to Away.

Turned out my daughter had logged into the Canary app on her iPhone using my account credentials rather than her own. So, essentially, Canary was tracking “my” location on two different devices. As my daughter was no longer logged into her own member account, Canary just used her last known location, which was home.

Once I had her log out of Canary and then back in using her own email and password, everything worked as it should.

Just make sure that both members have their own separate login credentials and are logging in to Canary on their phones using their own credentials.