Canary TvOS App



In the Canary TvOS app, I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. I know it;'s one of the newer features from Canary but I would love to see a number of features be added:

  • Ability to zoom when viewing the feed.
  • PIP Mode - View multiple cameras at once, split the screen between two, quarters, or more if need be.
  • Mute button: I don’t always want to hear what is going on…
  • Customizeable information on the screen: (i.e. Ability to choose whether or not to show: Current time, location, Canary logo, “Live”, etc.
    *Option to alert for movement: Have the screen “sleep” when there is no movement and brighten when there is movement.
  • Quality: It would be good to have some control over what quality is streamed (choices of 480p, 720p, 1080p, and also choices of frame rate: 5, 12, 24, 30fps). Hopefully this would give a user some level of control about how much of a drain on their internet a feed would be.
  • Passcode Lock (suggested by @ryclar) (Also possibility of unlock with TouchID on iPhone for remote access?)

Most of these options would be nice to see in the Canary App for iPhone/Android as well, but as there are currently no options at all available for the TvOS App, I figured I would start there.

Some other issues:

  • The “Are you still watching” box when it pops up pressing any button does not appear to choose “yes” and make it go away. One has to confirm it from the start.
  • Both pulling down and pushing up goes back to the home screen. Only one of these actions should do that.
  • Playback of bookmarked events doesn’t appear to play smoothly on many events.

Split screen option to view Watch Live for several cameras at once
Lower bitrate streaming

A passcode wouldn’t hurt on that TVOS app either!


Totally agree, I will update my original post!


@Zev Thanks for putting a lot of thought into this! I may break this post out into multiple individual posts since it sounds like some of these features can be implemented independently, but I’d love to see how the discussion evolves here.


Hey @Pete I wanted to follow up on this, I saw an update come out today (or very recently) for the TvOS but with almost no improvements, and it seems to be even glitchier than it was before.

Any chance there are plans for more of an overhaul? Thanks!



Its awful experience!

Hi @johnnyj42, I’ve removed your comment because this is a feature request thread. If you have an additional feature request, or need specific help with the Apple TV app, please create a separate thread or contact us at Thanks!


Viewing multiple Feeds at once is definitely needed in this app and is the biggest glaring omission. It’s nice to bring up the Canary tvOS app while the dogs are out in the yard, it’d be great if we could have all camera feeds displayed at once to monitor the yard, rather than having to switch between each feed.