Canary Widget on IPhone


I noticed that Canary app is compatible with the iPhone widget screen. But when I go to it, it says " To use the Canary Widget, please open your location settings and select a location to use." But I had already did that. So I thot that my phone was messing up. So I hardware reset my phone and it is still giving me the same message in the Canary Widget. Please help.


Hi @mejcar92,

That sounds pretty unusual. I’d suggest opening a ticket with our support team including your account email and make and model of your phone so they can take a look at this with you.


Exactly the same issue here. 2 Canary devices at same (sole) location, although I have had multiple locations in the past. Widget is useless. I don’t have a subscription (protest at being charged for what was free when I purchased) - perhaps this is the issue? Running iOS 11 latest.