Canary Won't come back on line


I recently changed my email address and the only way to change it on Canary was to get with support and they told me to add myself as a new user with the new email, and then they would switch ownership and I could delete my original account. Somewhere in the process, my Canary lost network connectivity. I am Ethernet wired into a bridge router (Apple Time Machine). The Airport Utility shows the network up and running fine, including the router I am connected to. Yet, my Canary will not connect

Can anyone tell me what to do?


Hey @rhbean, have you tried resetting your Canary?

Also take a look at the Connectivity Tips from Canary and see if any of that is helpful.

Lastly if none of that works, let the support team know and they should be able to help you get everything fixed up, including your original issue!


I was able to log off old account, log into new account and delete old account. Then, restarted the Canary and it is working again.
Thank you!


Great to hear! Enjoy!