Canay Flex - Really suitable for outside monitoring in inclement weather?


So I purchased a Canary Flex in a flash sale with the intent to install it outside in the UK. However I am becoming a bit concerned as I read more and more about the device and its design. The things that concern me are:

  • the power cable supplied seems to be way too short for general exterior use (8 ft long)
  • the power cable connects to the Flex using what appears to be a magnetic clasp
  • the power connector appears to be unsealed and has no permanently-latching mechanism
  • nowhere online can I find a source of power cables or connectors from which to make my own longer cable

I want to use this system outside permanently, in cold and wet weather. I want it to be mains powered all the time, switching to battery only when the power should fail. Given this, the magnetically latched, unsealed power cable seems like a significant design weakness - water could get in, contacts will eventually corrode, and any number of circumstances could cause the cable to become disconnected.

The only solution I can see so far is to take the supplied power adapter, cut off the plug and extend the wires, which raises another question - why does the power cable have five contacts?


Hey @Swulf,

I am only able to answer a few of your questions as I do not know the answer to some of them (I would invite you to submit a ticket to the Canary team for any specific remaining questions).

Comments have been made previously about the length of the power cord. An extension with a waterproof casing does appear to work if needed, though I agree, it is not a perfect solution. Currently there are no extensions for the Canary Flex power cable available through Canary.

In regards to the magnetic clasp and unsealed nature of it, I would defer to Canary to any specific details about how it is manufactured, but I can say that my experience of using my Flex outdoors in New York during rain, snow, sleet, and wind storms, the cable connection never created an issue for me and works perfectly on my Canary Flex.